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Week of March 21st--4 day week

SGMS Let's Finish Strong!!

MADNESS OF MARCH- Are we moving closer to Success for every child every day!

Team Performance Lessons from March Madness

We all have projects we work on with endpoints, but is your team of students and staff working towards a clear goal? And is that goal real enough? Tangible enough? It’s obvious when a basketball team is successful- the points on the score board increase. What type of action or goal produces an increase in “points” within the work that we do in our teams?

In sports, teams rely heavily on roles or positions to bring about their success. Coaches put players in positions based on their strength in that area. The point guard hands off the ball to other players on the team to exploit their skills in getting the ball into the basket. Ideally, every player is playing the way he or she can create the best performance personally and can bring the best results to the team.

A lot of times we focus too much on what people are doing and not how they can best do it. Just because a guy like LeBron James is tall, strong and powerful doesn’t mean he’s always down by the basket. He’s also an exceptional passer, which means if the situation is right, he’s the point guard. The team needs his strengths not his pre-defined position.

Regardless of the role someone is assigned to play, when you know what they’re good at, the team can easily shift to confront any project or challenge. And this ability to shift can lead to innovation, the advancing of ideas, and a keener deployment of resources. Do you know how your students learn best? Do we capitalize on their strengths to build their challenges to a level that is attainable?

It happens easier on the basketball court than it does in real life. But, if we make our mindset about the team (students and staff) and its ultimate goal, we can find ourselves on the championship path. Don’t just work together. Work smarter and make the most of your assets. This will ensure each student moves further down the Road of Success.

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Athletic info

  • Tuesday Baseball and Softball at SGMS vs Western 4:45
  • Wednesday Track vs Allen at Smith HS 4:45

Shoutout to our coaches! Thank you for all you do on an off the field to support our students.

Calendar Conversation--Please read

March 21st: Grade 6-8 ELA Interim

March 22nd: Grades 6 & 8 Math Interim; PLC's; Staff meeting; Baseball/Softball vs Western @SGMS

March 23rd: Math instructional rounds at SGMS; Lockett to Southern Elem 12:25 pm; Track vs Allen @ Smith 4:45 pm

March 24th: End of Quarter 3

March 25th: Workday-Grades due by 4 pm--Please note you must have your grades checked off by Brake/Hines prior to an approved leave on Friday. Please submit leave forms if you are planning on taking off on Friday ASAP.

March 28th: Baseball and Softball vs Jamestown @ Jamestown 4:45

March 29th: Vertical Meetings all content/department areas afterschool prepping for 4/7 (supplies, posters, directions, handouts etc)

March 30th: NTN Coach (make up date); Track vs Jamestown @ Jamestown 5 pm

March 31st: PLC's (NTN coach)*note date change

Looking ahead:

April 7th: Rising 6th grade visit 10 am-Natural Helpers to assist;

Title 1 family Night 5:30-7:30 all staff in attendance covering a particular area

April 11th and April 13th MAP testing

April 15th-April 21st Spring Break

April 22nd Teacher Workday

May 3rd: 6th grade Grasshoppers

Blended Learning Spring PD

Blended Learning is excited to offer multiple Spring learning opportunities. Sessions will run through May 20th.

Please register in Performance Matters using the links below.

· Apple Classroom

· Getting Started with Canvas

· Blended Learning Basics

· Nearpod Basics

· Using Google to Increase Student Engagement

Water Fountains are reopening and Water coolers will be removed: See guidelines below

Work to reopen all drinking fountains is scheduled for the week of April 18th through the 22nd during spring break. This will be handled by the GCS custodial staff working in concert with the custodial area managers (CAMs) and other key staff in Building Services.

All water fountains in the GCS system will be identified, cleaned, flushed, and readied for use during this time. Concurrent with this activity will be efforts by LeBleu to remove all portable water dispensers and jugs from GCS. The plan is to have water fountains ready for use when school returns from spring break on April 25th.

Cafeteria info


  • Cafeteria rotations are on Tuesdays.
  • Please be sure to monitor your students entering, sitting and exiting the cafeteria.
  • There should not be any cell phones out in the classrooms or cafeteria.
  • There should not be any students getting up for any reason as there is no returning for silverware, food, bathroom (emergencies only) and trash is disposed of when teacher lines up students.

Supervision should be consistent and covered by teachers with the support of Lockett, Powell, Graham, De los Santos and SRO-(2 with SRO each grade level period)

Pilot school for CTE credentialing: See the opportunity our students will have soon

Ten MOS elementary/middle schools will offer students in grades 5 through 8 industry-recognized credentialing opportunities in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Students will utilize LearnKey, a video-based e-learning courseware with interactive labs and prescriptive study guides to prepare for certification success as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Middle and Elementary schools participating in this pilot program include Southern Guilford MS, Eastern Guilford MS, Northern Guilford MS, Allen MS, Kernodle MS, Guilford eLearning University Prep, Academy at Lincoln, Gibsonville Elementary, Mendenhall MS, Hairston MS.

LearnKey Teacher Professional Development will be facilitated this summer, the final details will be shared directly with the pilot schools.

For questions, please contact Amy Ward.

Tuition Assistance for Classified Employees--Great opportunity please read

Guilford County Schools will offer tuition assistance (reimbursement) to our classified employees who are completing coursework, certification or examinations that enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities related to the District’s vision, mission, and goals. Human Resources will distribute information via email to all classified employees inviting them to attend an information session regarding this exciting opportunity.

Program Requirements

  • Must be a current, GCS employee working in a classified position.
    • A classified employee is one whose job does not require a North Carolina Educator’s license.
    • Examples of classified staff include, but are not limited to the following:
      • ACES staff
      • Bus Drivers
      • Custodians
      • Office Support
      • Paraprofessionals
      • Supervisors (non-licensed)
      • Directors (non-licensed)
      • Maintenance staff
      • Program Administrators
      • Teacher Assistants
      • Technology staff
      • Coordinators (non-licensed)
  • Must be completing coursework, certification or an examination that will enhance the employee’s contribution to the overall effectiveness of the organization.
  • Must submit a transcript, certificate of completion or score report indicating the employee achieved a 2.5 GPA or a passing score and/or grade.
  • Must submit a receipt showing payment for course, certificate or examination.

Principals/Supervisors must approve the employee’s request and attest the coursework, certification or examination align with the District’s vision, mission, and goals.

For questions, please contact Alison Yates or Alison Coker.

School Bond Referendum and Sales and Use Tax on May ballot

On May 17, Guilford County voters will consider a $1.7 billion school bond as well as a fraction of a penny (0.0025%) sales and use tax that will help finance the bond.

The school bond will touch all district schools through safety and technology upgrades, rebuild 18 schools, build 3 new construction schools and fully renovate 13 schools. Additionally, the school bond will create nearly 20,000 local jobs and add $100 million in property values.

Check out info posted on our parent newsletter or at

SGMS Rookie Teacher of the Year!

Our SGMS Rookie teacher of the Year is Jocelyn Prattis!

Thank you Ms. Prattis for going above and beyond to build relationships with students, learn a new curriculum and develop a love and passion for Coding and Computer software. We are blessed to have you as a member of our CTE team and SGMS staff.

March Staff member of the Month---Michelle Roys


  • Mrs. Roys is motivated to help the children reach their full potential. She is willing to go above the daily teaching to help her students.
  • Not only is she motivated with the EC department she is willing to help anyone who might need help. She displays compassion while showing superb amount of knowledge in regards to her department. As a leader, she goes beyond the call of duty to help each and every one of the TEAM members. She is a strong individual, that any person can lean on. Not only is she determined to get the job done, she displays levels of excitement when she becomes involved and it relates to her students.
  • Michelle guides us all and supports every class with an EC student in the school either directly or indirectly.

WAY TO GO MICHELLE!! (Lunch on me, apple of honor and Time on an unmandated workday)

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