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What is the process of eugenics?

Eugenics is the applied science of the bio- social movement which advocates practices to improve the genetic compositon of a population usually a human population. which basically means that humans with certain traits are steralized to purify the population. the people involved have no choice in the matter. this process only happend in the 1920s.


the idea of eugenics was developed by francis galton who was the cousin of charles darwin.He was known for his study of how intellegence is inheratied. His ultimate goal of uugenics was to improve human stock and help the more sutible races prevail over the less sutibale races. origianlly the idea of eugenics involved death. In ancient greece this method was used on babies to weed out the weaker. Indiana was the first state to pass a law stating that people deemed "unfit" to reproduce should be steralized. The united states was also the first country to practice this.

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