Jackie Robison

The Road Called Perseverance By: Jarrett Monroe

Perseverance through a summary

Branch Rickey came to Jackie Robinson at the wrong time for tryouts because his shoulder ached in pain but he is going to have to persevere through it and do his best to impress Branch Rickey (290). Another summary is sense so many people don't know Jackie and after launching a huge scouting program Branch picked him to be in his team because all the hard work he does Branch sees potential in Jackie (291).

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Picture caption: this is Jackie Robinson sliding to home plate

Perseverance through a qoute

: “He had to be able to stand in the face of merciless persecution and not retaliate”. “ On the other hand, He had to be a contradiction in human; he still had to have spirit”. Page 290. Another quote is

“Blacks have had to learn to protect themselves by cynical but not cynical enough to slam the door on potential opportunities”. Page 291

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Picture Caption: This is Jackie in his white dodgers uniform