BY Brody

Jaguars are the coolist animals on earth


Jaguars live in the plains. Thay live in the trees of africa.

Life cycle

From egg to a hatching to a teen python to a fully grown python.

Pythons Adaptaions

The amount of heat in animals a snake has a body tempeture that is the same as its surroundings there predators are people there Favorite snack is lizards birds and a antelope and a rat or wild pig a python can eat prey that is bigger than there small small small heads.Pythons use camofloge to blend in with their surroundings.

Interesting facts

Pythons are the longest snakes in the world!.Pythons are good

swimmers.Pythons have smooth scales.Pythons squeeze there prey to death.The biggest

python found was 17.7 feet and lays 87 eggs.

pythons have these teeth called fangs.

Fangs have poisonous venom.Pythons only grow to 5 feet long and(1.5 meters)long.

Some pythons grow more than 20 feet(6 meters) long. Hatchlings(baby pythons)are about

1.5 to 2 feet(46 to 61 centimeters.feamale lays between 200 eggs or 100 eggs.

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