Tattoos and Its Evolution!

How has tattoos evolved to express individuality?

Tattoos have been around for so much longer than we actually thought!

The oldest found example of tattoos is around 5200 years old. The iceman was found or exposed in 1991. Oetzi was carbon-dated soon after being discovered. This mummy had about 57 tattoos in the form of horizontal and vertical lines on his joints. Most people believe that it was a form of curative practice, maybe as acupuncture.

Your skin may not like tattoos!

Tattoos can get irritated because of the weather and humidity. People may discover that they have skin conditions after they get their tattoos. Sometimes even getting allergic reactions. These may appear years after getting the tattoo. Red ink is the most likely to act as the problem. It is a lot more reactant than the other pigments. The reactions will be raised bumpy skin and will be quite itchy over the affected color. It is the ingredients in the pigments that cause the allergic reactions. Ink has changed from being lead, colbalt, metal salts and carbons to plastic based pigments.

There are so many kinds of tattoos!

  • Traditional
  • Tribal
  • Asian
  • Mechanical
  • Grey
  • Blackout
  • Watercolor
  • Geometric
  • Floral
  • Wording
  • Dottwork