Finished at 4:54 AM


Finished at 4:54 AM

Bring me back to when

My life wasn't so gray

Back to when my life

Wasn't just the day to day

A sensation in your gut

That doesn't like to leave

That grows, infests, and conquers

You gasp, you cough, you wheeze

And so as time runs through

With pain established so

Comfort can be found

In what you used to know

Small specific truths

That ground reality

In places, things, and persons

That shape morality

That might just keep us sane

Or rather they just kept

For now that future’s here

Those truths are cleanly swept

So as I lay awoken

From a sleep now dead

Bring me back to when

I had an empty head.


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Adam is a senior in high school. He is heavily involved with his school's drama department. He hopes to pursue writing in many forms in his future.