Fad Diets: Marthas Vineyard Diet

By Jenny Junker

Marthas Vineyard diet: About

The Martha's vineyard diet is a detox diet. It promises rapid weight loss- 21 pounds in 21 days! And It also promises to rid your body of toxins. You don't eat whole food, drink liquid every 2 hours, and take pills that have a laxative effect. Does it really work and what are the pros and cons? In this article, you will find out.

Does it work?

You will most likely lose weight on this diet, but in my personal opinion, I don't think that it is good for you. This diet lacks a serious amount of protein. You will lose weight but you don't know wether is actual fat or muscle mass. Losing muscle mass is not good. Also, since you're lacking protein and not eating very much, you'll most likely not feel your best and experience headaches.