Reusable Water Bottles

By: Elysse A Soberano

The project

People use too many plastic water bottles. My goal is to get 6th graders at RFMS to start using reusable water bottles to help save the environment.

The plan

Take data before and during the project to see how many people will start using reusable bottles.

The Impact

This project effects the environment positively because it means less plastic factories to pollute the air, an important abiotic factor, which would pollute the airways of birds, an important biotic factor, which would die. the remains of the birds would end up in the water, another important abiotic factor, which would enter the systems of woodland animals such as deer, another important biotic factor, which would die. All in all, plastic factories aren't very earth friendly.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

This plan reuses a lot of plastic used to make water bottles because reusable water bottles can be used for months. By making less bottles, factories can reduce the amount of air and noise pollution. Lastly, by recycling old reusable water bottles, the factories can have ready-made plastic.

Non-Renewable Resources

Factories use less plastic to make bottles.