WLE Update

Monday, February 1, 2016

Extra! Extra!

I attended the mi PLACE training session next week about the 6 hour online PD. It appears to be very user friendly. Listed below is a link with directions to sign up.

As a result of the kick off of this module, Les Howard has requested to postpone our meeting to later in the month. He will be focusing on the content of the first two modules in a format for all staff to engage. Please understand, you are NOT required to view the modules prior to our meeting. ( I just wanted to share the content of his focus in case you are so inclined.)

Reminder: iReady KALPA session tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2 at 7:45. The session number is #565059. This is optional, attend if you would like to hear iReady updates.

Hot off the press: Epi Pen Training has been confirmed for Friday, February 26 from 8:15-8:45. This optional, free training is open to anyone who is interested.

UPDATE from PAM SHOEMAKER- Google accounts/Chromebooks

K-2: Google Apps for Education

* K-2 students now have Google accounts due to the fact that several early elementary teachers want to use Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education with students.

* The Google Apps for Education parent letter should be sent home to families of K-2 students whose teachers plan to use Chromebooks and/or Google Apps for Education. Find it here:


Account Info

* I have created an Excel spreadsheet with student account information. This list is located on the shared network drive, in the “student logins” folder.

* If a new student does not yet have an account, teachers should ask the building secretary to fill out a helpdesk ticket.

Logging onto Chromebooks

* Effective now: @students.wlccsd.org is pre-populated. Therefore students only need to enter their username (Initials + Student ID #)

* Beginning February 1, the iReady icon will no longer be available on Chromebooks (due to a state requirement related to standardized testing). All students will need to log onto Chromebooks with a Google account. It is very important that K-2 teachers know this so that they can prepare students (and have the list of Google accounts handy) if chromebooks will be used for iReady.

WLE Calendar February 1-13, 2016

MONDAY, February 1

Bus Duty this week: Jessica & Kim

7:00 PTA Meeting- Media Center

1:30 Team Joseph Meeting @ HWE

TUESDAY, February 2

7:45 i Ready KALPA session-Media Center

8:30 WLE 65th Birthday Planning Meeting- Conference Room

Leslie Science Center visits First Grade

6:30-8:30 Parenting Series @ Geisler

WEDNESDAY, February 3

Please note staff mtg rescheduled

10:00 Meeting (Cyndi)

1:00-5:00 Principal's Meeting- Cyndi- ESC

5:00-7:00 Pancake Supper

THURSDAY, February 4

8:45 SIPP

3:00 IEP (JC) Gwyn, Lynne, Kim, Karina, Carol, Cyndi

FRIDAY, February 5

8:00-4:00 Principal's Network- Oakland Schools

MONDAY, February 8

Bus Duty: Kelli & Marisa


TUESDAY, February 9

WEDNESDAY, February 10


12:30 IEP ( CP) Gwyn, Ellen, Karina, Cyndi

THURSDAY, February 11

8:45 SIPP

9:00 Bus Evacuation

11:00 Meeting (Cyndi)

FRIDAY, February 12

11:00 Meeting (Cyndi)

**February 13-21 MID WINTER BREAK- RELAX~ ENJOY ~ REJUVENATE ~ See you on Monday, February 22!

Walled Lake Elementary

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