Dragon's were alive!!!

fantasy proved real

The Dragon Knowledge

the dragons went from the Jurassic to the castle ages and they survived the mediore some dragons cant fly, for instance the prehistoric sea serpent, because the helium bladder is to small to lift them off the ground. The little wings could not help them fly but swim, so after they decided to remerge from the water to the land once more, they where located by the sea to the forests of china they where happy and free until humans where born in to the world. Man stole fire from the dragon as it couldn't process the tiger's fur so it burnt and man stole the fire from the blaze and the dragon species where in trouble and pushed in to the snow mountains and around the castle and knight stages man was back and were armed but Weren't ready to attack so while that was going on a female was looking for a mate and then she found one after 3 days and then they did there dragon trust exercise and flew 2 times the cloud hight clutched there feet together and dropped to about 15 meters from the ground and then they let go and pull up and then they blow fire and mate, the female laid two eggs and the eggs have to be kept at 60 degrees or more or they cant make it, the male hunt was not successful so the female went out for her turn to hunt, the male did not heat the eggs up but cooled them down and that threatened the whole species only one made it and the father left and so after 3 days the female went to hunt and left the baby un guarded and then the men came. They wore the baby's blood as a trophy they made it back and made her revenge 8 days after but she was out numbered, she took out all but one they both did not succeed that was the end of the dragons or so we think. if you believe this than you have a very amazing imagination like me.