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Sunday March 28, 2021

Marysville Transition To Hybrid

Hello Marysville Families,

I hope everyone had a good spring break and an opportunity to step away from their screens and do something enjoyable. As spring break comes to a close and we transition to hybrid with some in person and continued distance learning for K-5 students, I’d like to share some important information and updates.

Last week, you should have received a Reopening Reminder (Español | Tiếng Việt | 中文 | Soomaali | Русский) from the district. In addition to this information, please see the Marysville specific information below.

K-5 Transition to Hybrid - Week of March 29 to April 2

In preparation for in-person learning, new Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and hybrid cohorts, and health and safety protocols, the instructional schedule will shift starting on Monday.

  • March 29-31 - All K-5th students will participate in asynchronous learning, primarily. There may be some live/synchronous learning experiences, but those will be limited. Please be on the lookout for a message and schedule for this week from your child’s teacher.
  • April 1 - In-person, hybrid instruction and new CDL cohort instruction will occur for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students in the AM Cohorts ONLY. Kindergarten and 1st Grade PM Cohorts will remain in asynchronous learning. 2nd-5th Grade students will remain in asynchronous learning.
  • April 2 - In-person, hybrid instruction and new CDL cohort instruction will occur for Kindergarten and 1st Grade students in the PM Cohorts ONLY. Kindergarten and 1st Grade AM Cohorts will return to asynchronous learning. 2nd-5th Grade students will have synchronous CDL in the AM and Asynchronous in the PM.
  • April 5 - All K-5th Grade students participate in hybrid learning or CDL with their new cohorts and assigned live instruction times.

If you aren’t aware of your child’s cohort, please contact your child’s teacher.

Regular Hybrid/CDL Instructional Schedule - Beginning April 5

New Hybrid and CDL Cohort instruction will begin on April 5. (Note that April 9 is a teacher work day and there will not be Hybrid or CDL instruction on that day.) Please see the schedule below:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Live CDL or In-Person): AM Cohorts - 8:00-10:15 and PM Cohorts - 12:15-2:30
  • Wednesdays (Live/Synchronous via Google Meet): Class Meeting with Original Classes - 9:00 - 9:45
  • Art and PE Occurs Outside of Live Cohort Times: Schedule Shared by Cohort Teacher
  • ELD, Special Education, Counseling, Small Groups Occur Outside of Live Cohort Time: Schedules Shared by Support Staff When Available

Arrivals and Dismissals Process

Since this will be a new process for all of us, please understand that there may be some delays as we get started and your patience is appreciated. We plan to have staff available outside during arrival and dismissal time to help answer questions and provide support.


  1. Prior to coming to school each day, use the Daily Symptom Checklist.
  2. Make sure students have eaten breakfast or lunch and have used the bathroom.
  3. Use the Map below to identify your child’s arrival and dismissal location.
  4. Wear a mask and practice physical distancing at all times during arrival.
  5. Teachers will greet and screen students outside and welcome them into the building. Parents/guardians should not enter the building.

Students using bus transportation will be screened by the bus driver and then escorted to their classroom by a school staff member upon arrival at Marysville.


Please be sure that you have updated any changes to phone numbers or adults that can pick up your child prior to your child’s first day of in-person instruction.

  • Students will be dismissed at the same area as their arrival location.
  • Students will be released to parents/guardians one at a time. Parents/guardians should not enter the building.
  • K-3 students will only be released to adults listed on the student verification format - let the office or your teacher know of any changes!
  • Students using bus transportation will be escorted to their bus.
  • If there are any special circumstances regarding your child’s dismissal, please Make sure to let your teacher know ahead of time.

In-Person Daily Routines

To help with the goals of safety and connection, please see the following guidelines for daily routines.

What should my child bring to school each day?

  • A Mask - All students and staff should wear a mask while attending in-person instruction. In the event that a student's mask breaks or is not working properly, the school can provide a replacement.
  • A Filled Water Bottle - Students may bring a filled water bottle each day. Students will not be using drinking fountains while at school.
  • Layers - Be sure to have your child dress in layers. Although students will only be at school for two hours and 15 minutes, with the changing weather in the spring, an older building, and the goal to increase air circulation we may see varying temperatures throughout the day. We also plan to have students go to recess daily.

What should my child leave at home?

  • Food - Students should not be bringing food from home, unless there is a medical need. If there is a medical need, please contact our School Nurse, Vicky Genge Students will have an opportunity to get “grab and go” meals at the end of their cohort time.
  • School Supplies - All school supplies will be provided by the school. Students should not bring any supplies from home.
  • Backpacks - Students should not bring backpacks to start in-person instruction. If there are physical materials that need to be sent between school and home, folders will be provided by teachers.
  • Technology - As students have spent much of the year online, we are planning to limit screen time while attending in-person instruction. Please keep your devices and technology at home, unless directed to bring a chromebook by your teacher.

Middle School Hybrid Transition

  • Grades 6-8 will continue to follow our Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) model after spring break until the week of April 19, when we will begin the hybrid in-person instruction schedule for those students. Please check your email for the 4th Quarter Learning Choice form to let us know your preference for hybrid in-person instruction or continuing with distance learning.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. This is by no means an easy undertaking. As always the Marysville focus has been on wellbeing for all; celebrating and elevating the social emotional and academic experience of every student.

We know this has been a challenging year, but we are so excited to see students return to our building this week.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you through this next step. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Cathy Murray

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