Career Unit

Lilianna C.

My Future

In the future I can see myself as a veterinarian or a doctor. I might stay in Texas for awhile then move somewhere else. The college I would like to go to would be Ohio State University. I will live in a one story house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car garage, open kitchen and living space. I would like to have at least 2 kids. 1 boy and 1 girl. I would have 2 dogs. The type of dog I want to have will be a German Shepherd.

Personality Color


-(personality) I'm very out going. I have a strong desire to influence others so they lead more significant lives. I'm supportive and a good listener. I'm very imaginative and creative. I respond best to my teachers who are warm and friendly.

O* Net







People with Social interests likes working with others to help them learn and grow. They like working with people more than working with objects, machines, or information.

They like:


-Giving advice

-Helping and being service to people.

Expository Essay

I have a strong desire to influence people to have a better life. I grew up very imaginative and creative. I encourage a lot of people. In my love life I can be flexible, peaceful, and nurturing.

I would want to be a Therapist or a Nurse Midwife. If I would be a Therapist I would be an out going Therapist so people can open up. There would be something unique happening everyday. If I would be a Nurse Midwife I wouldn't do the same thing everyday. There would be something unique every other day.

The jobs that I picked really match my personality. Once I start opening up my job will be fun. I think both jobs suit me fine.

Career Choices

-Nurse Midwife

-Park Naturalist

-Special Education Teacher

-Art/Drama/Music Teacher

-Preschool Teacher

-Physical Terapist

-Art Therapists

-Kindergarten Teacher



3 jobs

Nurse Midwives

-Help deliver babies, help the mothers, etc.

-On the job I would Monitor fetal development by listening to fetal heartbeat, estimating fetal size and weight, etc.

-Salary: 96,970 per year

-Education: Master's degree or certificate after Master's

Art/Drama and Music Teacher

-Teach courses in Drama, Music, and Art

-Evaluate and grade students' work, performances, project, etc.

-Salary: 64,300 per year

-Education: Master's degree

Architecture Teacher

-Teach courses in architecture and architectural design.

-Evaluate and grade students' work, performances, etc.

-Salary: 73,720

-Education: Master's degree

#1 Job

My #1 choice for a job would be Nurse Midwives. I have always been curious about the medical field. I love to help people with there health problems. I'm very kind and will be there for people in need. I think I would be flexible for this Job.


Ohio State University

-190 N. Oval Mall Columbus, OH 43210

Tuition/Fees: 8,679.00

Tuition/cost in-state, on campus: 22,554.00

Tuition/cost out-of-state, on campus: 35,793.00

Baylor University

-500 Speight Ave. Waco, TX 76798

Tuition/Fees: 26,239.00

Tuition/Cost in-state, on campus: 39,276.00

Tuition/Cost out-of-state, on campus: 36,276.00

University of Texas at Arlington

-701 S. Nedderman Dr. Arlington,Tx 76013

Tuition/Fees: 7,780.00

Tuition/cost in-state, on campus: 18,924.00

Tuition/cost out-of-state, on campus: 25,668.00

#1 college

The college I would like to go to would be Ohio State University (OSU) . They been my favorite college for a couple of months. They have a great football team. OSU is ranked #52 in Academics Ranking out of all major universities. OSU's wrestling and football won National Championships in the same year. Year of 2014.

Texas Reality Check

The salary of a Midwife is 96,970 per year. The annual salary needed from my expenses is 69,768. I would have 27,202 left over to spend on. I would have enough to be comfortable with instead of always being in dept.
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