October 10, 2018

ISD 709 School News

2018 Duluth Education Levy - Your Vote Is Important

On November 6, voters are asked to consider renewing and increasing education funding in Duluth. There's a web page with information and handout with the basics that can be shared with anyone, any time.

Details online.

Informational Flyer to Share

Estimated Property Tax Impact

Contact kathleen.kaufman@isd709.org for hard copies of the informational flyer.


Question 1: Renewal

  • Maintain current levy investment of 16-18 full-time teacher positions to support class size
  • This does not result in a property tax increase
  • If Question 1 fails, Questions 2 & 3 automatically fail.

Question 2: Class Size

  • Adds approximately 25 teachers district-wide to manage class size, increase site funding for specific supports based on needs, support financial stability
  • Increase of $8.64 per month for the average home*
  • If Questions 1 and 2 fail, Question 3 automatically fails.

Question 3: Update Classroom Technology Across the District

  • Provide students and teachers with devices and infrastructure, staff development, curriculum support and upgrades
  • Additional Increase of $5.03 per month for the average home*

*Average Duluth Home $150,000.

See estimates for different home values, find out how each levy question would impact your property taxes.


If the renewal doesn’t pass, schools will lose about $3.3 million in local education funding and class sizes would rise significantly over time. There would be slow or no updates to classroom technology.

The proposed referendum revenue authorization would be for ten years.

Please Vote November 6, 2018

Denfeld Students Take 1st & 2nd Place in National & State GIS Competition
Keeli Gustafson earned 1st Place and Hayden Hollinday took 2nd Place in the state & national Geographical Information Systems mapping competition. Both recognized for their accomplishments by the MN GIS/LIS Consortium. Congratulations!
Duluth East High School Theatre Presents:

Bonnie & Clyde

October 25 - 27, 7:00PM

October 28, 1:00PM

Duluth East High School

301 North 40th Ave East, Duluth

Tickets at the Door, Check or Cash Only

Adults: $15, Students: $10

Please note, this show contains some adult language and content.

Thank You, Sponsors: Messina & Associates, Arrowhead Orthodontics, Otis-Magie, Salmela Talent

Partnership Promotes Learning for ALC Students

Area Learning Center students joined the Rivers2Lake Program on the Pokegama River to conduct water chemistry analysis and assess indicators of the river’s water quality. They also practiced canoeing skills and teamwork as they maneuvered through the winding river bends.

Students learned the ash trees in this forest are endangered by the emerald ash borer, an invasive insect. A loss of ash trees along the river could lead to drastic soil erosion and diminished water quality. Students evaluated restorative tree planting sites, and identified white cedar, red maple, and northern hackberry saplings in test plots. These young naturalists are excited for the prospect of continuing stewardship along this waterway.

Many thanks to the Rivers2Lake Program (of the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve); the Office of Education Equity, Duluth Public Schools; and the Duluth Area Learning Center staff, working to offer students impactful, high-quality educational experiences.

Denfeld Hunter Hall of Fame Adds 15 New Inductees

The Denfeld Alumni Association hosts a ceremony Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 1:00PM in the Denfeld High School Auditorium to induct the following alumni into the Denfeld Hunter Hall of Fame:

Anna Gallagher -Sr. Annella ‘17, Muriel Lindor ‘31, Lyman (Wind) Wynn ‘41, Steve Vekich ‘47, Richard Pearson ‘51, Gerald Anderson ‘52, Roger M. Holmes ‘54, Jon Sampson ‘55, Karin Swor ‘60, Rondi Erickson ‘65, Bill Bordson ‘68, Kay Biga ‘78, Margaret Gatzweller Distinguished Teacher (English), Bill Vukonich Distinguished Coach/Teacher, Gene Grembowski Distinguished Teacher (Biology, Anatomy, Physiology).

The event is free and open to the public.

Denfeld alumni become eligible for nomination to the Hunter Hall of Fame ten years after graduation. Teachers and administrators who have served the school are also eligible for nomination. Previous nominees have been honored for their contributions and achievements in sports, business, the arts, science and technology, government, academics, community service and other fields.

Denfeld Hunter Homecoming

Thank you, Jean-Paul Rennquist, for the photos!