Luminescent Rhopilema nomadica

A Tragically Endangered Species

The Dreadful News

Scientists are at a loss and sorrow to announce that the ever loved Luminescent Rhopilema nomadica jellyfish species is in danger of becoming extinct. Marine turtles have increased in numbers and are quickly overcoming this precious species. Plus loss of their food sources is not helping their dire case. Many clusters of these jellyfish drawing towards the surface is causing their amount of new births to decrease. All these downturns and more are causing extinction to be a looming threat for the Luminescent Rhopilema nomadica.


Luminescent Rhipilema nomadica are native off the coast of East Africa. But lately, they have been introducing themselves to other areas. These jellyfish have been adapting and trying to live in Greece, Israel, Turkey, and many more locations. It is very sad to see these jellyfish forced out of their natural homes, because of destructive forces. If we work together and build up, we can save this endangered species before they run out of locations to swim to.