Eating like a King on a Shoestring

How coupons are saving our pennies and our budget...

Practical prizes & money - saving advice.

Ever notice patterns when you shop? Buying with season saves you money... A sale isn't always a SALE... Buying in bulk can be cheaper, but it isn't always. Navigate tips, tricks, and resources as you learn the evolving art of super-couponing.


We'll first talk about why you care about saving a buck or two, what you'd rather do with the money, and how to find shortcuts so you don't trade in as much free time. Then we'll look at matchups, common coupon databases, and design our own shopping lists based on coupons & sale items to maximize our savings by stacking! Finally, we'll wrap up by playing the price is right - taking home the more practical prizes in life.

Eating like a King on a Shoestring

Monday, Aug. 19th, 6pm

SB30B Lecture Center, Sub-basement UAlbany

Feel free to bring your own device and a pair of scissors.

Ashley Smolinski

Grad student at Ualbany, and a bit of a shop-a-holic. Learned life-long habits of saving $ at an early age. Guilty of purchasing a year's worth of dish soap, ten boxes of cereal, and 8 packages of gum in one shopping trip. Looking forward to a day when clipping coupons isn't as necessary (but still just as fun).