''Survival in the Storm''

AUTHOR: Katelan Janke By: Aryana Acosta

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Story Plot

Exposition: The story,''Survival in the Storm'',takes place in Dalhart , Texas 1935.The main characters are Grace,Mama,Dad,and Ruth.A girl and her family are living in a house were there is a lot of dirt and sand, and lots of storms hit there.

Text Evidence: "p.2" Dalhart ,Texas 1935

Rising Action: A little storm hits there house unexpectadly they were not perpared for it at all.They are ok but they are not serasly hurt, and it was night time when it happend so the next day they would half to clean up.

Rising Action: After the storm they had a couple of problems like they had a huge mess to clean up because trees fell and bushes fell.They were also losing money because the storm broke lots of things like their house and their crops and more,so they were losing lots of money because they had to fix it all, some things they couldn't fix.

Rising Action: When they fixed everything and got settled they just went back to doing their usual chores and usual things,they also got their crops back so they had to go outside and do the crops like water the crops,pick the crops and more,they also got some animals so they could have milk and cheese and more.

Rising Action: After a little while another bad storm hit their house and it was worse than the first storm it was much bigger and it destroyed much more things and when Graces sister wasn't in the house Grace went to go look for her and she found her outside far from the house so Grace went out to her and grace said it's to late to turn back were to far so Grace and her sister went to go try to find shelter and along the they got some scratches and bruses but nothing major,after a long walk for shelter they found an empty place no one was there just them,they went inside and relaxed and Grace was like we should stay here until the storm past,so they woke up the next day and the storm was gone so they started walking until they came across something familier.

Climax: They found an hospital were they didn't know that there was a surprise.

Falling Action: They go inside the hospital were they get united with their mom,and their mom calls their dad and he comes and they all hang out at the hospital.

Denoument: They all go home and relax while their mom cooks supper,and their mom finishes cooking they all go eat and talk about the adventure they had trying to find shelter,when they finished eating all they did was ralaxed.


Protagonist: Grace and Ruth Grace is the good person because she went out to Ruth when she needed help and Ruth kept Graces spirit up.

Man vs nature,it is Grace vs nature because she goes out side when a storm is happening and she and her sister take a journy to go and try to find shelter,and along the way they get cuts and bruses.


The lesson she learned was that when a storm is happening to not go outside because you can get hurt and you could even get lost.

Four facts

1.Upon arriving in California,many of the migrant families who had fled the Dust bowl state discovered that work was hard to find.They were often so poor that they had to live in the unsanitary conditions of migrant workers camps,where all kinds of diseases proliferated.

2.A doctor listens to the lungs of a young child.Dust pneumonia,an infection of the lungs caused by inhaling too much dirt,became a common and lethal ailment in the regions that were ravaged by dust and sand storms in the 1930's.

3.A man and woman were masks to keep from breathing in too much of the dust that filled the air in the Dust Bowl in 1935.As the numbers of dust pneumonia victims grew,people began wearing marks to filter the air.

4.In the top photograph,taken in 1937,the black cloud of a duster sweeps over buildings and a parking lot,filling the air with sand and dirt and blocking out the sunlight.Below.sand from a duster has blocked the entryway into a farmhouse.

Historical Setting

If my book took place in 2014 there wouldn't be a certain way to dress,there wouldn't be a dust bowl region,and they did had cars but they had the old time cars,they had diseases that we don't have now like dust pneumonia that was in the lungs and doctors had to go to the peoples house if they thought that one of their family members would probably have this diseases.
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Weather History: 1935 Black Sunday Dust Storm
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