Meeting of Slavery

Kevin Darbeau

Abolitionist disscussion

Come forth to the African Meeting house and we shall discusss the lower class we call our slaves we accept all ideas of anyone. And be the first brave one in your community to share your uncommon ideas about slavery.For any man who is holy and loves the word god shall not own another human.

The discussion of the lower class

Thursday, Aug. 8th 1805 at 9pm

46 Joy St

Boston, MA

Human indecents convention

We should follow in the steps of former abolitionist and stop slavery at:Disscusions only

5pm-6pm:We shall raise enough money to support money for the African Meeting House

6pm-7pm:We discuss our plans to get slaves to the Underground railroad

7pm-8pm:the most daring of us shall allow slaves to live in our house's until the next house

8pm-9pm:we will discuss the waypoints to get north