The Atomic Bomb

American scientists build massive bomb against Japan

Building an Atomic Bomb

It all started in 1938 when a German chemist figured out that when a single uranium atom split into two atoms heat was released. When many chains of uranium are split consecutively, massive amounts of heat is formed. Americans used this concept and worked hard for many years on developing the atomic bomb. It was finally ready to be launched on August 3, 1945.

Getting Revenge

The Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor lead to the Americans development of a large nuclear weapon. The desire was to create a weapon that could cause so much destruction that the Japanese would have no other choice but to surrender and end World War II. Luckily the American's hard work and perseverance has lead them to success on completing their mission.


Uranium atom- A chemical element which is naturally radioactive.
Atomic bomb- A bomb that gets nuclear energy from the fission of atomic nuclei.
Nuclear weapon -A missile or bomb that uses nuclear energy to make a massive explosion.