Of Mice and Men

By: Daniel Miskell, Nickole Vernon, Harley Applegate

The Great Depression

The Great Depression happened in the 1929, it was a rough life for everyone, many people lost their jobs and starved. It was the longest lasting economic downturn in the West. The Great Depression lasted 10 years, from 1929 through 1939. By the year 1933 the Great Depression had unemployed over 13 million Americans and half of the countries banks had failed. So, if people had money in their bank it was gone.

Migrant Experience

The migrant experience happened in the 1930s. The idea was for people to move out west to start a new life. Many of the migrants that were heading west were going towards California. They were hoping for a better life. Work was one of the things that the migrants were looking for. Another thing was the growing seasons were longer in California. There was a better climate in California.

Mercy Killing

The term mercy killing, also know as euthanasia, is the act of killing a person that is terminally ill and will be unable to live a fulfilling life. The purpose is to take them out of their misery. It is very similar to the act of putting down an animal to end their suffering. During the Great Depression many people felt overwhelmed and very uneasy. The topic of "mercy killing" became of the hard times. It is said that a public opinion in 1937 indicated that 45% of Americans believed that mercy killing could be necessary with infants born permanently deformed or mentally handicapped. The link below takes you to the top 10 pros and cons of Euthanasia.

Mental Retardation

Society thought that mental illnesses were caused by parents committing sins against god, possessed, or may have worked for the devil. Most of the mentally ill during the Great Depression stayed in mental institution and hospitals. In these hospitals and mental institutions they used different therapy to treat these illnesses. Such as Frontal Lobotomy, Sterilization, Shock treatments, and many others.
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