WAHOO, Sparkles...It's April!

Bags Have Arrived & Women Are Hungry For Cute.

This Season's On Fi-yuh...

Hello Sparkles,

It's time to say goodbye to the dreary days of Winter and get excited for all that Spring has in store for ourselves our customers! The sun is starting to shine, people are getting more active again (physically), closets are getting changed out, wardrobes are getting updated and people are starting to say goodbye to fleece and hello to CUTE! How good does it feel? I actually dusted off my road bike from 5 years of doing nothing and am ready for a whole new me, both personally and professionally! Are you feeling the same? I'm excited to see what's ahead for all of us with Stella & Dot and know that the buzz is ON for our new Summer Collection.

Love and April success to you, Ginger

Way To Go Patti Butler!

Yup...Patti's Wearing Turquoise for a Reason...

Patti's leading our team in Glam Rewards points and is almost half way to earning a trip to Mexico through Glam Getaway. How's she been doing it? Just by consistently being active and working away at building her team. She has been consistently selling and sponsoring. That's it. No magic wand. I'm so thrilled for Patti and can't wait to catch up to her, so we can be sipping fruity drinks in the sunshine in October with other Sparkles and Stella & Dot sisters. When level of Glam Rewards are YOU going to go for? Don't settle for what you think you can do. Go for what you WANT!

Seacoast NH/ME/MA - Register NOW For The Party At My House!

See, Touch & Drool...

Impossible to decide what you'll order next week? Come to my house and see it all. We'll have the best training I've seen yet from our home office & of course, lots of fun and drinks. Wear your summeriest clothes that the whether will bear and bring a guest to share the fun! EACH GUEST will receive a pair of Soar Studs and each stylist who attends will receive a Soar Necklace! Presents just for coming? Yes.

With the launch of our Summer Capsule Collection of a bit more jewelry, lightweight scarves and our brand new OVER THE TOP tote line that's already been featured by Lucky Magazine and Women's Wear Daily, you don't want to miss this!

We'll be talking strategy on how to afford the samples you want!...among other things.

Hoopla Challenge - Ways to Earn Raffle Tix March-April 31st!

Hoopla Challenge! 2013