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How I Became A Pirate - March 2016

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Comprehension Activities

Throughout this unit, we are looking for fun and interactive way to incorporate comprehension strategies into our lessons. Between March 7th and March 11th we will be completing our unit on "How I Became a Pirate". The activities below are to be completed by you and your child during this timeframe. On March 11th at 2:15 p.m. please join us for our Pirate Ship Theater presentation of the story and treasure chest snacks.

Prior to reading/listen please complete the following sections:

- Hey Seadog...Take 5

- Jumping Ship, Building Vocabulary

After you complete those two activities, and then please:

- Yo Ho Ho and a Book to Go (listen or read the story)

- Check and Connect or Walk the Plank

Hey Seadog...Take 5

Prior to reading the story, take five minutes have ask your child to look through the book at the illustrations. If you are going to use the YouTube version, please have your child watch the book be played through with the sound muted. Have them make two predictions about what they hypothesize might happen. Make sure you set a timer for five minutes!

Jumping Ship, Building Vocabulary

Before reading or listening to "How I Became a Pirate" discuss the discuss the following vocabulary words:

- Landlubber: A person who knows very little or nothing about the sea and ships.

- Slathering: To cover something with a thick layer of liquid or cream.

- Matey: A pirate's way of saying "friend".

As you are reading the story, check for the student’s comprehension of the vocabulary words when they are presented throughout the story.

There are multiple vocabulary words in this story, the ones listed above are the ones that will be assessed at the completion of this unit. Find fun ways to explore those new words.

After you complete those two activities, and then please:

- Yo Ho Ho and a Book to Go (listen or read the story)

- Check and Connect or Walk the Plank

Yo Ho Ho and a Book to Go

At this time, please either read the book together or listen to the "Read Along" link provided by YouTube.
"How I Became A Pirate" | Read Aloud

Check and Connect or Walk the Plank

After you've have finished reading or listening to "How I became a Pirate" check for comprhension from your child by discussing the following questions:

-Who is Jeremy Jacobs?

-Why did the pirates take Jeremy Jacobs with them?

-What did Jermey Jacobs enjoy most about being a pirate?

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Pirate Ship Theater

Our presentation of "How I Became a Pirate" will be March 11, 2016 at 2:15 p.m. Please talk to your students about the role he or she has in the production and presentation.

At the completion of our presentation we will have some treasure chest snacks and sea water (Sprite).

Please Join Us!


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