By:Oakley Frost

India's Location

India's location is under China and under Pakistan and the Himalayan Mountain above India the Indian Ocean is above India also has a summer and winter monsoon.

Why Did They Settle Here?

They settled here because it had a lot of natural resources such as cloth,silk,pearls,diamonds and woolen fabrics horses too and elephants.They also settled there because of the summer and winter monsoons

The Geographical Features

One of the geographical features is the Himalayan mountain and there is the Brahmaputra River and the Krishna River also the Godavari River.Also the Narmada River and the Ganges River there is also the Indus River those are so of them.

How did humans impact the land

Humans impaced the land by building houses and also destroying the land by diging to put the houses in. They also made crops wich could of destroyed animals homes or other things.

What natural resorses are present

The natural resorses are water and food also perals and dimonds. There are elefants wich are transportation and also horses which are transportation too. There is also Sandalwood wich is wood.