Doug Burgum

Dain Anderson

Doug's Chialdhood

1. Doug Burgum was born August 1, 1956

2. Doug was the oldest of four siblings

3. Doug grow up in Eastern North Dakota

4. He lived in Arthur North Dakota

5. He grew up on a farm out in the country

6. His family was big in agriculture

7. Doug's parents wanted Doug to be a farmer, but in the end it didn't happen

8. In school Doug was into computer software and mechanics

9. In hi school Doug's first college he wanted to go to was NDSU

10. Doug got into NDSU and later went onto Sanford

Doug's Career

1. Doug started his career by going to NDSU and Sanfort School of business

2. He came back to North Dakota to join Great Plains Softwear

3. He became CEO of Great Plains a little while later

4. He made Great Plains widely recognized by many softwear companies

5. Microsoft baught Great Plains for 1.1 billion dollars from Doug

6. After selling Great Plains to Microsoft Doug faunded the Kilbourne Group

7. This program was made for the redeveloping downtown Fargo North Dakota

8. The group revidalized many buildings and turned them into landmarks

9. The Kilbourne Group also led to the development to the downtown NDSU campus

10. This program is still running today, but after that he creates another program

11. Doug's new program is called Arthur Ventured

12. This investment company helped developing companies that had potential strength and growth

13. Arthur Ventures mainly helps entrepreneurs, and softwear companies

14. Doug Burgum was also a phylanthoropist and created the Doug Burgum Family Fund

15. The Fund helped in the development of family life and education

Other Facts During His Careere

1. Doug got Great Plain's name four times in Fortune Magazine for 100 companies to work for in America

2. Doug worked with the current CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella

3. Kilbourne was Doug's mother's maiden name

4. Doug Burgum met Steve Baulmer at Sanford

5. During his career at Great Plaines Doug reported to Bill Gates and Steve Baulmer

Why Doug Burgum won the award

Doug got the award for his outstanding work in business management. He sold great plains for a big amount of money. He opened up a several other companies that contain the idea of helping others. This is how Doug became famous, rich, and known in the positive side of peoples minds. This was how Doug won the North Dakota Rough Rider Award.
Doug Burgum: Through The Years