Please Stop Laughing at Me

Jodee Blanco


Bullying. Everything that happens to Jodee during middle through high school all falls under that one word. In every new school that she goes to Jodee starts out as one of the popular kids. Everyone likes her, then she makes one controversial move and all the friends that she thought she had go away and become some of her worst enemies. She goes through multiple hardships, tough choices, and schools to get through high school. Jodee is worried about everything that a normal teenager is, but she also has to figure out how to get from one place to the other without getting ridiculed, teased, or mocked.

Jodee Blanco

Throughout her life Jodee is one of the cool kids. Then, she makes one decision that her friends deemed "uncool" and her life is in shambles. Dealing with the unyielding pain coming from the constant taunting put her is a rough place. After surviving the bullying caused by her tormentors, Jodee has persevered and turned into a leading figure in the bullying around the globe.

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict of the book is man vs society.It is man vs society because Jodee is getting bullied by the whole student body for being different not just one or two people. "Don't be nice to her. She is gross. We hated her so much in junior high." (page 138) Jodee resolves the conflict graduating from high school, going to college, and becoming an established writer.


Stop running away from your problems. Try and find a way around them. The hardships in life will help you in the end.

Favorite Quote

"You don't get to pick who you are in this life, but you can decide what you become." (page 159). This is my favorite quote because it shows Jodee's mentality through the book in dealing with the bullies.

Book Review

I rate this book with 2 stars. Personally, I think that this book is one of my least favorite books I have read this year (besides the Lincoln book). Though the book tells an amazing story and portrays an amazing lesson to the reader, the book in general is just a big downer. Nothing through the whole book get better for her until the very end but you still have to read the whole book to get to that part. So, because the book take so long to get to the point of being bearable to read, I give the book 2 stars.
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Written By Tyler Weber