My Life as a Rock

By Charlotte Vanyo


After being an igneous-intrusive rock for a while I turned into a metamorphic rock because of heat and pressure. A volcano erupted nearby and I melted some.

The first time I was a sediment rock

I was an igneous rock for 10 years. One day though I was sitting peacefully by the roots of a plant when out of the blue, I get absorbed into the roots of the plant and became plant.


I became igneous because of melting, I was magma for a short time and after that I became igneous. I was buried underneath ground for 1,000,000 years. I played a lot of tic-tac-toe
^That Volcano is the the one that melted me while I was sedimentary


After I was igneous I became a sediment for a while because of weathering and erosion, but of course depostion helped me out! I joined other sediments and eventually we became a sedimentary. After that I became a sedimentary rock because of compaction and cemintation.