Mood Cakes

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The only place you should eat your feelings!

A cupcake flavor for your every mood. Each mood has a different flavor. Angry, happy, sad, calm, even romantic! Stop by our shop when you're particularly moody! You can eat at our tables inside the shop, order ahead of time, or carry them out. You can even book us for an event!


Six Business Activities

1. Generating Ideas-

Idea: Mood Cakes- Cupcakes that reflect moods. Each flavor would represent a different mood. When ordering cupcakes, the customer would say “I’m feeling ____” and we would supply the proper cupcake. Events would conspire with what you are going to be attending. Wedding is happiness and celebration - red velvet and vanilla. Birthday would be youth, and happy - bubblegum and lemon.

2. Raising Capital-

Part of our money will come out of our pockets and some will come from a loan from the bank. It will cost us the amount for ingredients, and kitchen appliances, as well as a building to host our business. And advertising.

3. Employing and Training Personnel-

We will hire people people who can cook and decorate the cupcakes and will be good employees. We will pay them a little bit more than minimal wage at first. When we train them they will need to memorize ingredients, baking time, and have a decorating test. We will provide the tools to decorate the cupcakes,

4. Buying Goods and Services-

We will buy the cupcake and icing materials, like eggs, flour, milk, butter, etc. We will need to pay for a store or shop as well as kitchen supplies. Kitchen supplies will consist of ovens, mixing utensils, counter space, icing decorators, and cleaning supplies. We will also need to purchase tables and chairs for our customers as well as a cash register, decorations for our store, and restroom appliances.

5. Marketing Goods and Services-

We will market our goods ads in the newspaper and flyers. This shouldn’t be too costly so we will use some of our own money for marketing. We will also create a Facebook page with all of our information on it as well.

6. Maintain Business Records-

We keep track of out customers by a book, where they place their orders, like a guest book in a Hotel. (Look this up)

Business Entity

Our business is a partnership between 3 people. We chose this type of entity because we all want to be a part of the decision making and profits. Some advantages to our partnership is that we will all contribute to the investment, we can all have a say in our business, and we can use each of our expertises. Some disadvantages however are that if a partner leaves our partnership will dissolve and there is no protection for our personal assets.

Business Goals

1. Have 2 separate stores located in Springfield.

2. Grow our menu for a wider range of customers.

3. Make 2 times as much profit at the end of the year than we did at the beginning.

4. Have over half of our loans paid off

5. Be able to donate part of our profits.

Mission Statement

To bake and sell only the best cupcakes. It is our goal to cook delicious food while endeavoring to create a professional store. Our mission is to continue to make remarkable service as well as continue to create quality fresh cakes to meet our customer's needs. We strive to meet the highest standard of our customers, To consistently provide customers with impeccable service by demonstrating professionalism, efficiency, and integrity in our work. To provide our employees with the utmost friendly and rewarding environment. To continue to grow as a company. To keep our concept exciting, new, and cutting edge. To contribute to the Springfield community and improve the quality of the town.

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