Third Grade News

Week of 3.9.15

This week in 3rd Grade...

  • In Language Arts, we revisited Generalizing and Summarizing. A generalization is a broad statement about a subject based on provided information, observations, and experiences. It often uses the words most, many or all. Students identified generalizations in stories they read, and created their own generalizations using provided facts. This is a tricky skill and is often confused with drawing conclusions. We will continue to circle back to it.
  • Students read autobiographies as well as biographies this week. We created a Venn Diagram to help us see the similarities and differences between the two.
  • We learned about First and Third Person Point of View and pronouns that are commonly found in each. We used this information to help us decide if a story was an autobiography or a biography.
  • Students identified irregular plurals in word analysis centers and used the App, Show Me, to sort their words and explain how they were sorted.
  • In math, we wrapped up chapter 7 on multiplication and division. Students took their chapter 7 test today. We will begin chapter 8 on applying multiplication and division on Monday. Be on the look out for a parent letter and new vocabulary.
  • In Social Studies, students began their Explorers Project. We kicked it off with a little background knowledge on what explorers are, what characteristics they share, contributions of explorers, different motivations for exploring, and what our lives might be like without explorers. Students also chose an explorer to research. We will be putting our information together and will share it at our Travel Agency exhibit. Students will share their information in any way they choose. More information and a rubric will come home next week.

Dates to remember...

  • Sign up for PAC Bowling Night by Monday, 3/16
  • Dress down in GREEN on Tuesday for our St. Patrick's Day dance!
  • The Annie field trip is on Thursday. Please refer to the email from Ms. Moser regarding dress code, times, etc...
  • Open House on Thursday... Spread the word about CBA!
  • Summer Camp Open House is on 3/22 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm!
  • Keep reading your biography! Book reports are due on 3/27.