History of Labor

Steffanie Leis

Conditions Pre-Union

Working conditions for factories were bad. They were dangerous, long, and hard. People were constantly getting hurt. Children were lying about their age in order to get a job. they had 12 hr work days. They had low wages. They worked 6 days a week. Some places have company towns were they have to spend their pay check on on things in the town.

Why Unions were formed

Unions were formed so that workers could get better benefits such as shorter work days. They wanted equal work and end child labor. They covered work hours, pay, safety conditions and benefits.

Examples of Unions

One example of unions were the Knights of labor. It was started by Urrah Stephens. It was a male organization since 1879. They did not allow African Americans until until 1883. Another was called American Federation. It was started by Samuel Gompers.

Conditions post formation of unions

After unions were formed conditions in factories got better. Work days were shortened to 8 hrs. The pay got better. Working conditions improved. People got sick days and vacations. However some places fired people after because they went on strikes. They just hired new people who needed the jobs. Some companies called out the military to break up strikes.

History of Unions in WI

The first labor union in Wisconsin was in 1847 for brick layers and 1848 for carpenters. Other unions were connected to clothing, transportation, and printing. Shoemakers established the Knights of St. Crispin in 1867.

Current State of unions for U.S and WI

Today in the U.S people pay to be in unions and they get benefits. In teachers unions there are contracts on how long they work, what they get paid and what or how many vacation days they get.

Today in WI Gov. Walker decided to have people vote on weather or not they want unions. In teachers unions they don't get a say in how long they work or what they get paid.

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