Looking for a new cell!

My old cell did not fully appreciate my services.

Available immediately: one well qualified ____________________________________________.

I am a _____________________________________________ organelle. I have many years of faithful service, however I do not feel my services were appreciated at my current residence.

If you need an organelle to __________________________________________________________________, well then, I am your organelle. I will work in (Plant, Animal, Bacteria, All) cells.

While my main function is to ________________________________________________________________, I am also capable of ______________________________________________________________________,

and _______________________________________________________________________________________ .

I heard that your current _____(name of organelle)__________________________________________, is not functioning up to par, and that because of this failure you are ________________________(whatever would happen in the cell if that organelle failed)_______________________________________________________________________________________.

From my picture below, you can see that I am quite impressive. I guarantee to _____________________________________________________________________________________________

to the best of my ability.

You will not be sorry. Send that old ________________________________________________________ packing to the lysosomes. I'm yer new and improved _____________________________________, and am ready to start immediately.

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