New year, new adventures!

Welcome back for semester #2!

It's been a week full of excitement! We're meeting with our friends again and there's a lot of NEW STUFF going on in PK 4.3.

We have a NEW teacher, our classroom looks different (but it's still the same) and we also have a NEW friend! Welcome on board Oliver!!!

Getting back to our routine has been our priority this week. But we are looking forward to beginning our Rocks Study and become great geologists! In order to do it, the kids will need to bring 2 rocks (as big as the palm of their hands), so make sure to schedule a walk in the park during the weekend to do "rock hunting".

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Meet Oliver :)

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Keeping the good old habits...

Change is good, but sometimes keeping old habits that are helpful and bring some benefit and positivism into our lives can't be left behind that easily.

I loved the idea of doing Thankful Thursdays because it encourages the kids to speak up and say what is on their minds, practice their language acquisition and notice and appreciate those little things that can be taken for granted.

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Books of the Week

Here are some of the books we read this week to help us get back on track!


1. Bring 2 rocks.

2. I saw a few toys this week and maybe some kids needed them to feel comfortable coming back but remember; toys must stay at home.

3. You're welcome to come do some fun activities or crafts with PK 4.3 on Wednesdays. Just make sure to contact me so I can schedule it properly.

4. Recycling is always encouraged. We have a recycling bin in our classroom now, so we will be recycling them :)

5. Please send craft bags back on Monday.

5. Admin needs to have your contact information up to date, so if you have changed cellphone numbers, email addresses or anything else, please make sure to send it to my email ASAP. And if by any chance, your children is riding a different bus this semester, let us know its number too. Thank you!!

About me...

Remember to contact me if you have any questions or if there's something in particular you would like to share with me about your children.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms, Debbie