Book Project 6

Jackie Robinson vs 42 by Nick Hartwell

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a man who rewrote history by juts playing baseball. He became the first African american to ever play in a white community based society. He faced discrimination where ever he went but he still played ball like any other man. In doing so he changed the minds of so many people by doing what he did best, playing baseball

Movie vs Book

In my opinion the book was better. It went more in depth the struggles Jackie had playing baseball in a white community. While the movie did capture this I feel as though they rushed through some parts. While the book took its time to describe how Jackie was feeling and the hardships he went through to get this position playing baseball

Movie and Book Differences

Protagonist Continued.. (Movie)

Jackie Robinson seemed a little edgy in the movie as well as serious. He went along playing games on the Dodgers but at some points he would either want to "fight" or just play the game. He always seemed determined though. He was there for a reason and that reason was to change baseball history. In the end he evened out and became a strong baseball player

Baseball forever.