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Friday, October 14th

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Why not?????

So... my family and I were having a lunch together in Kingwood a while back, and our waiter was entirely too fond of the phrase, "Why not?" Almost everything we said or asked for was met with these two words. It has become an unofficial family catchphrase now. So, I will extend the question to another topic.

Jeans day on Monday, October 17th? WHY NOT???!!!???

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What does he mean when he says "doldrums?"

Technically, the Doldrums are a location on the planet's surface where the winds and currents are light if not nonexistent. Applied to a common vernacular, doldrums represent a feeling of fatigue, distress, and depression. When I say," The doldrums of the school year," I mean these almost "natural" periods of low energy that occur in the middle of each semester.

Like the doldrums on the ocean, these time periods can be very difficult to navigate through. However, we can work through these with teamwork, positive attitudes, and keeping sight on the goal(s) we have for ourselves, our students, and our school. We have a choice each and every moment on how we respond or act- choosing the positive is always the right option.

Extended Planning!


Our first extended planning will be next Tuesday the 18th! We will be sending out an email with details about that day.

GLLs- Please make sure your team has thought through the schedule for that day for your students who are in class as we discussed in our meeting.

Staff Meeting next Tuesday, October 18th

We will be having a staff meeting next Tuesday. Please read through page 88 in The Energy Bus beforehand. We will be discussing energy vampires (timely around Halloween!), planning, and much more.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • October 18th - Extended Planning
  • October 18th - Faculty Meeting @ 3:30
  • October 20th - OPAS 4th Grade
  • October 21st - 3rd Grade's Rotation for Lunch with Team!

Happy Birthday!

  • Amy Toland - October 16th
  • Jessie Larson - October 17th
  • Mary Jane Petty - October 20th

This Week in Pictures..... (keep them coming!)

Have a GREAT weekend!

Because I couldn't resist--- TRIVIA TIME!!!!

One of the co-creators of this sweet treat has almost no sense of smell, which could explain why the products are so rich in flavor. Which treat is this?