People Mover

Environmentally Friendly!

This product is super environmentally friendly! There is no pollution that comes along with this product, and solar panels are highly recommended. It is normally a shade of green, representing Environmentally Friendly.

Not Just Green!

This product comes in many different colors, but green is the main color. It can come in the colors blue, black, white, orange, gold and others. Special order colors cost an extra $30.

Strong, and Durable!

The base, or floor of the box of the machine, is a strong metal, that is quite thick. The walls of the box are made of perforated metal. The metal is painted, and is quite strong, but not as strong as the floorboard.

Patterns of All Kinds!

You can buy the Perforated Metal in all different patterns! At the moment, it comes in circular, rhombus, square, or our penthouse edition! Circular, rhombus and square cost the same original price, but the special penthouse edition costs $50 more.