Port As A Class

Educating Youth in Brunswick of the Life at Sea and the Port

What is Port As A Class?

Port As a Classroom is a project by the International Seafarers' Center that provides an opportunity for students in Glynn County Schools and Seafarers from across the globe to come together. Students learn about what the life of a seafarer is like, special operations designed to protect the ports and the shipping industry(such as NCIS), how ships map a route(using longitude and latitude), as well as many other fascinating things. These are all completed while participating in many experiences such as traveling to the Port of Brunswick on Colonel's Island. You board a vessel, or "Ro-Ro" ship, and see exactly what it is like living on a boat for months at the time. The Port As a Classroom Project combines educational values with the ability to participate in fun activities for students. You are sure to have a great time learning about the Port of Brunswick! Happy Seafaring!

An Experience: The International Seafarer Center

Earlier in the school year, the Needwood Model United Nations team had the privilege of taking a trip to the Port of Brunswick. The team had the opportunity to go on the ship owned by Wallenius Wilhelmsen and named the Tombarra. They were welcomed as valued guests of the ship, and the seafarers provided them with drinks and snacks. From there they went to the International Seafarer Center (In Brunswick, GA), and were treated to a lovely lunch free of charge to the students. Kyle Henderson, 7th Grader and a member of the Needwood Model UN team, says, "This trip provided us with the opportunity to advance our economic knowledge. We learned how products are imported and exported. Our understanding of economics and how trading works greatly expanded throughout the amazing experience."

Furthermore, Cameron Kasper, also a 7th grader and president of the Needwood Model UN team, says "These amazing people helped me to open my eyes to the world around me and have the opportunity to see not only the hospitality of the volunteers of the Port As a Class program, but also how trading effects the economy of the United States and the world. This memory will always be with me." Port As a Class and the International Seafarers Center has been having these similar experiences with people who come to visit them. These people serve the community in a way that is unimaginable to anyone else.

International Seafarers Center, Brunswick, GA

The International Seafarer Center-Brunswick, Georgia

Mission of the ISC:

The ISC mission is to provide seafarers a safe harbor that they can call home. With the support of dedicated volunteers and staff, donor contributions and the community, the ISC provides services that meet the spiritual, emotional, physical and material needs of seafarers who visit the Port of Brunswick, Georgia USA, annually.