Kitchen food & Safety

By Maha Malik

Preventing Kitchen Accidents

-To avoid accidents on the stove, turn handles to the sides of oven

-Don't leave a cupboard or drawer opened

-Tuck in all cords to prevent it being across the kitchen floor and falling

-If any food spills on the floor clean it up right away

-Hair should always be pulled back to avoid any accidents

-Assume every pot is hot to avoid any burns

What To Do in an Emergency

-If you ever get a bad cut, wash your hands and cover it with a band aid

-Call 911

-If you touch a hot pot, run your burned area under cold water

-If fire were to occur do not stop, drop and roll, cover yourself in the fire blanket

All About Foodborne Illness

-Always keep hands washed so they don't infect food

-Bacteria likes to multiply in a warm environment

-Sickness can be caused from eating foods that aren't safe

-Always move away from the food if your ever about to sneeze or cough

-Throw out any moldy/old food

Preventing Foodborne Illness

-Never mix chemicals together

-Store any cleaning products away from the food

-Always use thermometer for cooking meats

-Do not leave food out for more than 2 hours

-And ALWAYS wash your hands

-Always clean all utensils

Kitchen Safety: Simple Steps to Avoid Food Poisoning