Top 2 best products of 2015

Top 2 worst products of 2015

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Xbox one

It's great product because u can play online with your friends on Xbox one and Xbox 360. Any new games comes down it goes to Xbox one first then Xbox 360. And it comes with a new games like FIFA 16 or Black of duty ops III

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It's great product because a lot of people buy this game and the highest sales, 75% of the American people buy this game, but its not only her in America of whole over the world too. And it has a cool graphic , it seems really like you are watching a real soccer game. You could play multiplier whit your friends or online.

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Chemical Fertilizers

those are the worst products because it damage to our water supply and plants, when it rains, runoff goes straight into storm-drains, and untreated water is dumped into rivers, streams, and the ocean. This causes an imbalance in delicate water ecosystems, killing fish and degrading water quality. That's why we find a lot of dead fish. and there is 55% of the fish find dead on the beaches because of the chemical Fertilizer.