Diary Of Anne Frank

Otto Frank

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About Otto Frank

He was born on May 12 1889 in Frankfurt am main, Germany and died on August 19 1980 in Basel, Switzerland. He Had three siblings one older brother Robert one younger brother named Herbert and a sister named Helena. His moms name was Alice and his dad's was Michael. In his early life he studied business from 1908 to 1909. His first wife was Edith Holländer and they got married on May 12 1925. Margot was born on February 16 1926 and Anne was born on June 12 1929.

Theme one appreciate what you have

Anne nene her family were copped up in then annex for three years. They had little to no food they couldn't for outside couldn't see there friends they were always scared that the nazis were gone find them they also had to be quiet during business hours(pg 403).

Theme two Always have hope

When the robber broke in to the building and stole the radio and cash box they thought that the nazis had found them but they still had hope and Mrs.Frank prayed for everything to be okay(pg 409). Another time that theme was shown was when Anne was at the concentration camp she was still happy and still believed she and her family would get out and everything would go back to normal.
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Otto Frank's symbol

Otto Frank's symbol is Anne's diary because Anne and Otto were really close and he was the only person in the secret annex who was alive and the diary is all Otto had left of Anne.