Hillcrest Family Newsletter

September 3rd, 2021

What a fantastic first week of school with students!

We are all so impressed with our community already this year. Our learners came to us each day with a willingness to be curious and our staff was excited to greet everyone with open arms.

Each week, our Family Newsletter will contain weekly updates and notices for news in our building and also our district. Generally we try to email out the newsletter on Fridays but sometimes it's the weekend before we click "send".

Be sure to check out newsletters and emails from your child's teacher as well. Teachers will share information related to your child's specific classroom related to curriculum, field trips and classroom celebrations!

We know email boxes are always full so we try to minimize the number of mailings that go home every week. This newsletter is where PTO shares information on building events as well.

Traffic Updates

Thank you for your patience as everyone is relearning our patterns. Every day traffic gets smoother and smoother!!

A couple items to remember:

* IN at the Edges and OUT in the Middle. Your best route is to enter at the water tower entrance. Then, follow the driveway along the edge of the property and find a park spot. When you are done with your task at Hillcrest, exit out the center driveway.

* Students stay with their parents until the 8:30 bell. If you are using the drop off lane, students should stay in their vehicle with their parents until 8:30.

* Please use the crosswalk at the playground edge rather than cutting across the circle drive. It is safer to cross at the playground and that leaves the traffic flow open for cars looking for a parking spot or leaving the drop off zone.

The Drop Off/Pick Up Zone

For morning drop off, and afternoon pick up, you do have the option of using the drop off/pick up zone. This is for children who are able to exit and enter the car without help from their adult. -Students should be seated in the back seat of their vehicle and exit on the driver's side (safe side) of the vehicle.

-This zone is meant for a quick drop off so parents DO NOT leave their cars. If you would like to visit the playground with your child, please use the parking lot and crosswalk.

-Students should stay in their cars until the 8:30 bell and then they can head right into the building.

Late Arrival

If you bring your child to school after the 8:40 bell, you will need to make sure you drop off at the office doors, door #2. They will come into the office to be checked in and we will make sure they get to their classroom.

Be sure to communicate any attendance needs through Safe Arrival. The office will follow up on students who are marked absent by their teacher with phone calls beginning at 9:00 for any family we haven't heard from.

Building Entry for Visitors

With our new entryway, our visitors have a new route to enter the building. Be sure you are always using the covered entryway on the west side of the building. This is Door #2 or the "bell door" and connects you to the office area. The door on the far right is unlocked during the day. Enter that door on your right will be a door leading to the office. Ring the "doorbell" on the door and this will connect you to our office staff. Let them know you have school business and they will buzz you into our office space.

For any school business during the school day that involves coming into the rest of the building, you will need to check in and out of the office. Be sure to bring a picture ID so it can be scanned. Once your ID has been scanned and you have your visitor badge, you will be buzzed into the school building for your appointment.

On days when we have many volunteers (like Fall Fest) in the building, we ask visitors to let us know the day before you are coming so we are able to pre-print visitor badges.

Air Purifiers

Thank you to a project proposed and funded by the Terry family, and supported by the Zeroth family and PTO, I'm excited to announce that we have air purifiers in every classroom! The Terry family reached out to help plan, purchase and install a unit in each of our homeroom classrooms and art and music classrooms. Thank you to additional units purchased by the Zeroth family, by Friday of last week, all of those rooms had at least one air purifier matching the square footage needs that fit our current ventilation systems. At the next PTO meeting, the board will propose ways that all families can help with this project. We hope everyone can breathe a little easier knowing that cleaner air is circulating in our rooms.

Thank you so much to the Terry and Zeroth families!

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