About Me!!

By: Riley McVey


Like An Enderman (Minecraft Parody) by codelyoko373
KU Jayhawks Men's Basketball 2013 Highlights
Straight No Chaser "12 Days Of Christmas" Happy Hour Tour Rabobank Theater 10/14/14
[Official Video] Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix
man catches flying bird with bare hand

About me

I have two littler brothers. the middle one is Tyler and the littlest one is Aaron. I have a mom that flies for EagleMed and does pictures. My dad is a detective for the Sewerd county sheriffs office. As you may have seen above in the pictures I am a die hard Ku fan no matter what happens. This picture is my family.


Summer is coming up soon and I am so excieted for it to come I get to earn money and stay home and drive my brothers Crazy. I like summer.

Hunting ends:(

I love to hunt and I only have until December 14 to hunt. I am so mad I have not got a deer so that is why. There is still Dove season I guess.

Winter fun facts about me.

I love winter we have Christmas and snow days. Plus on break I get to help cook and bake cookies and good stuff like that. I will get to play with me brothers and dogs(x3 dogs).


Thursday, Dec. 25th, 1am

Kismet, KS, United States

Kismet, KS


my birthday is 5/22/02.

Basketball game

We have a basketball game on the 15 of Dec. against Meade.