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Make Good Things Happen~ November 1, 2018

Coyotes on the Run Fun Run - A Success!!

Welcome to Our Newest Members of the Carlisle Team!!

Alexandra Stawicki - Special Education Teacher

Hello! My name is Alexandra Stawicki, and I'm thrilled to say this is my 5th year teaching special education. I grew up in The Colony, Texas and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Midwestern State University. The past two I have taught in Plano ISD at Christie Elementary. I am so excited to be a part of the Carlisle family this year! I currently live in Plano with my husband Peter. When I am not at school I love reading, listening to podcasts, spending time with my family and spending money at Target!

Upcoming Dates and Events

11/5 - 11/15 - Carlisle Food Drive

Thursday 11/8

  • General PTA Mtg and 1st Grade Program 6:30 pm
  • Annual Plano Senior High School Homecoming Parade and Pep Rally beginning at 6:00pm!

Friday, 11/9

  • Veteran's Day Recognition @GMC 7:35 am - if you are a veteran, come join us
  • Come support the Wildcats at the Homecoming Game against Prosper HS at Clark Stadium at 7:00pm.

Monday - Friday 11/12-11/15 Fall Book Fair Week

Thursday, 11/15

  • Grandparent's/Grandfriend's Day - join us for lunch
  • Family Math Night 6:30-7:30 PM

We love our Watch Dog Dads!

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Counselor's Corner

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Notes from the Nurse

Family Health History Month

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Why is it important to know about my family’s health history?

· Common and rare diseases often run in families

· It is the most important factor in many diseases

· It allows you to share the information with your physician

· Knowing your family health history allows for early screening and possible detection of diseases

· If you are able to get the early screening, you are able to start treatment as needed earlier

· It can save your life or the life of those you love

How do I gather information?

· Make a list of your blood relatives

· Make a list of questions to ask

· Choose a good time to talk with them about their health history and let them know what types of questions you have so they can prepare

· Write it down

· Be understanding if a family member does not want to share their health history

· After gathering info – meet with your primary doctor to review any serious health problems you discovered

· Keep record’s up to date

Importance for children

· It is a good idea to gather the information for your children as well

· Review the information with their pediatrician

· Help keep accurate family health history records for your children as they grow up

· If you are having another child, be sure to share family health history with mother’s doctor

· There are some forms that you are able to fill out to obtain family health history for adopted children on the CDC website or you can contact the adoption agency

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Friendly Reminders

Aiding Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need Special Education or Section 504 Services

Aiding Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need Special Education or Section 504 Services

For those students who are having difficulty in the regular classroom, all school districts and open enrollment charter schools must consider tutorial, compensatory, and other academic or behavior support services that are available to all students, including a process based on Response to Intervention (RtI). The implementation of RtI has the potential to have a positive impact on the ability of districts and charter schools to meet the needs of all struggling students.

If a student is experiencing learning difficulties, his or her parent may contact the individual(s) listed below to learn about the school’s overall general education referral or screening system for support services. This system links students to a variety of support options, including making a referral for a special education evaluation or for a Section 504 evaluation to determine if the student needs specific aids, accommodations, or services. A parent may request an evaluation for special education or Section 504 services at any time.

Special Education Referrals:

If a parent makes a written request for an initial evaluation for special education services to the director of special education services or an administrative employee of the school district or open enrollment charter school, the district or charter school must respond no later than 15 school days after receiving the request. At that time, the district or charter school must give the parent a prior written notice of whether it agrees to or refuses to evaluate the student, along with a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards. If the school district or charter school agrees to evaluate the student, it must also give the parent the opportunity to give written consent for the evaluation.

Please note that a request for a special education evaluation may be made verbally and does not need to be in writing. Districts and charter schools must still comply with all federal prior written notice and procedural safeguard requirements and the requirements for identifying, locating, and evaluating children who are suspected of being a child with a disability and in need of special education. However, a verbal request does not require the district or charter school to respond within the 15-school-day timeline.

If the district or charter school decides to evaluate the student, it must complete the student’s initial evaluation and evaluation report no later than 45 school days from the day it receives a parent’s written consent to evaluate the student. However, if the student is absent from school during the evaluation period for three or more school days, the evaluation period will be extended by the number of school days equal to the number of school days that the student is absent.

There is an exception to the 45-school-day timeline. If a district or charter school receives a parent’s consent for the initial evaluation at least 35 but less than 45 school days before the last instructional day of the school year, it must complete the written report and provide a copy of the report to the parent by June 30 of that year. However, if the student is absent from school for three or more days during the evaluation period, the June 30th due date no longer applies. Instead, the general timeline of 45 school days plus extensions for absences of three or more days will apply.

Upon completing the evaluation, the district or charter school must give the parent a copy of the evaluation report at no cost.

Additional information regarding special education is available from the district or charter school in a companion document titled Parent’s Guide to the Admission, Review, and Dismissal Process.

Contact Person for Special Education Referrals:

The designated person to contact regarding options for a student experiencing learning difficulties or regarding a referral for evaluation for special education services is:

Contact Person:Campus Principal or Child Find Help Line

Phone Number:469-752-4299


Section 504 Referrals:

Each school district or charter school must have standards and procedures in place for the evaluation and placement of students in the district’s or charter school’s Section 504 program. Districts and charter schools must also implement a system of procedural safeguards that includes notice, an opportunity for a parent or guardian to examine relevant records, an impartial hearing with an opportunity for participation by the parent or guardian and representation by counsel, and a review procedure.

Contact Person for Section 504 Referrals:

The designated person to contact regarding options for a student experiencing learning difficulties or regarding a referral for evaluation for Section 504 services is:

Contact Person:Campus Principal

Phone Number:

Additional Information:

The following websites provide information and resources for students with disabilities and their families.

We'd love for you to come volunteer this year!

All Plano ISD volunteers must have a background check every school year. Volunteer applications for the school year 2018-19 can be entered after July 1. The volunteer application process is online only. Please use this link: to register. Volunteers without home internet access may use their local library’s internet resources, computers available at the Plano ISD Administration Building (Human Resources Dept., 2700 W. 15th St.) or computers at their child’s school library (please check with school office staff). All volunteers must complete a volunteer application every year, after July 1. Click on the link below for a complete list of step-by-step instructions on how to apply to become a volunteer at Carlisle again this fall. We look forward to seeing you around campus!

Don't forget to Update Your Child's Information in Parent Portal

Many of you have asked how to add or delete emergency contacts from your child's pick up list. Here's how to do it:

  • Log onto PISD's parent portal at:
  • If you have never accessed the parent portal, you will need to set up a new account.
  • Click on "New Registration" and set up and account using your student's ID number (this is the same number your child uses in the cafeteria) and your email address. (If you do not have an email address the easiest way to set one up is through a free service like Yahoo or gmail).
  • Once you have registered and logged into parent portal, you will see tabs for each of your children.
  • Click on each child's name and follow the directions for completing all of the registration information for the 2018-19 school year below.

You will need to complete the following information for each child you have enrolled in school:

  • Emergency information (have current, accurate emergency phone contacts).
  • Be sure to fill out health information completely. In the event of an emergency, it is very important that we have accurate information.
  • Sign the Truancy Warning Letter for 2018-19.
  • Sign the Student Policy Guide.
  • Sign the Student Information Release Form indicating your preferences and consents.

Remember your ID

Please remember to bring your Driver's License or government issued photo ID with you when you come to Carlisle to visit the campus for any reason. We cannot allow visitors past the front office who have not had their ID checked through our RAPTOR screening system and been printed a visitor's sticker. You will be asked to do this every time you come Carlisle; whether you are here once a day or once a semester. Please help us to keep our children safe by always remembering your ID when you come to campus. You will be asked to go get it and return if you come to the school without it.

This is true for volunteering, lunch visits, attending Good Morning Carlisle on Fridays ~ anytime you are going past the front office. Thank you for your cooperation.

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For your information

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Messages from Your PTA

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Stay Connected to Carlisle!

It's important to us that we are connected with our community. All of us are invested in the best for our kids. We hope that you will get involved with us this year, join PTA, volunteer in our classrooms, join us on field trips, become a mentor or a WATCH D.O.G. and connect with your child(ren)'s teacher(s). Together, we will make this a fantastic school year! Don't forget to Like us on Facebook to get regular updates and information about what's happening at Carlisle throughout the year.

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