Hmong New Year 2015

Come enjoy good company, food, and laughter with us!

What a Great Way to Spend Thanksgiving!

As 2015 is coming closer to an end, you and your family are invited to come join us at the best event during Thanksgiving! Bring nothing but your smiling face and an empty stomach (and $3 for door entrance). These FOUR days will fill your heart with warmth and happiness!

NC Hmong New Year 2015

Thursday, Nov. 26th, 9am to Sunday, Nov. 29th, 6pm

3500 Rocky Ford Road

Newton, NC

There will be a very SMALL sign to point you into the location. You will be know you've reached the destination when you've come to meet three beautiful horses on your right. If you don't happen to cross those horses, please consider yourself lost and make a U-turn. You definitely don't want to miss out on this amazing event! :) It will be fun!!

We are Hmong

As a Hmong committee, we try to bring the happiness out of everyone. No matter what happens, it's who you hang around that makes you who you are. We want everyone, anyone, to come join us and have the fun they deserve. So, come on down to join us for NC Hmong New Year!
Hmong North Carolina New Year 2015-16 by Hmongraphy
Hmongraphy’s Drone coverage of North Carolina’s Hmong New Year 2015-16
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Special thanks to:

Kong Lor - pictures

Nhia Ly - pictures

Vu Vue - pictures

Tsua Lor - videos

Hmong Southeast Puavpheej Inc. - wonderful Hmong New Year every year