Falcon Flash

October 30, 2020

Principal's Message

Hello Stetson Families,

Happy Friday. I hope everyone had a good week and is looking forward to daylight savings time this weekend. Please don't forget to change your clocks! I am also looking forward to stealing some chocolate from my Halloween treats this weekend.

I sent out some detailed information about our Hybrid Return to School Plan by email. Please be sure to read that information carefully. We also explained this valuable information with our students during the advisory class this week. I will post these videos for parents and students to review again on our school website. Please remind your child to attend their advisory class on time to hear this important information. It does answer a lot of questions and concerns.

Oct 29th – Nov 4th 1/2 Day Remote Schedule - 4 zoom classes per day- See Schoology calendar for appropriate times.

Reminder our Hybrid Opening starts on November 5th (for B Cohort) and November 9th (for A cohort). All students are remote on Wednesdays. On Nov. 5th, cohort B attends school, in-person. A cohort and all students remaining remote will briefly Zoom into class for attendance and be given asynchronous work to complete. On Nov. 6th, all students will attend school either in-person (cohort B) or remotely from home (cohort A and students staying remote). On Nov. 9th, cohort A attends school in-person. B cohort and all students remaining remote will briefly Zoom into class for attendance and be given asynchronous work to complete. On Nov. 10th, all students attend school either in-person (cohort A) or remotely from home (cohort B and students staying remote). We are planning in-person to focus on Nov 5th and Nov 9th on the "new normal" procedures and students will be participating in getting-to-know-you activities.

Nov 5th Hybrid Block schedule - ( B cohort will begin in-person learning)

(*Nov. 9th A cohort begins in-person learning)

Long Term Schedule for Cohorts

We are finalizing Stetson's transportation schedules. If you have not done so already please take a minute and complete this bus survey Form. This will help us plan for the volume of cars entering our campus at the beginning and the end of the in-person school day. Students should not be dropped off before 7:45 am at the building.

Thank you for everyone’s support as we transition to in-person instruction through Hybrid Learning. Our faculty and staff are looking forward to welcoming students back to Stetson. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Puchalla

Interim Hybrid Calendar next week (Including Cyber students)

November 2nd--Day 3 PM (periods 5-8) *follow 1/2 day schedule above

November 3rd--NO SCHOOL (teacher in-service)

November 4th--Day 4 AM (periods 1-4) *follow 1/2 day schedule above

November 5th---Day 4 PM (periods 5-8) *ONLY Cohort B attends in-person school here

November 6th---Day 5 AM (periods 1-4) *all students attend school (remote and in-person)

Upcoming Dates:

November 9th--Day 5 PM (periods 5-8) *ONLY Cohort A attends school here

November 10th--Day 6 AM (periods 1-4) *all students attend school (remote and in-person)

Picture Day-- November 16 (cohort A), 18 (cyber & remote), 20 (cohort B)--more info to follow

Parent/Teacher Conferences--November 24 @5:30 - 8:30 pm and November 25 @ 8:00 - 11:30 am--more info to follow

What should I bring back to school during Hybrid in-person learning?

Bring a backpack to care for the following items:

  • laptop
  • charger (charge the laptop the night before)
  • headphones
  • writing utensils
  • novel or something to read
  • calculator *teacher discretion
  • multiple folders to care class material *teachers will get more specific
  • lunch

*remember you only have four classes each day--leave textbooks at home for now!

Message about Attendance--Cyber & Remote Learners

When a student misses class due to a doctor's appointment, please email the teacher whose class they will miss and Mrs. Sadik (lsadik@wcasd.net) in the Attendance Office. Please ask the doctor for a note and email/scan a copy of the note to Mrs. Sadik so the missed time can be entered as excused.

A reminder that students are to attend all FOUR classes each day. If they miss 2 out of the 4 classes, they are officially marked absent for the day.

If your child is going to be absent for the entire day, we need a picture of a written note with your signature for the absence to be excused. Any email without a signature will no longer be acceptable for an excused absence.

CYBER STUDENTS--MUST submit attendance quiz in Schoology by 10:45 am EACH DAY or they will be marked absent. Please remind your children about this task.

After School Athletics for 7th & 8th Graders ONLY--Cyber & Remote Students

Thank you for supporting our athletic department for fall athletics. We will be planning and organizing winter sports next. Stay tuned for more information soon.

PTO Corner--Cyber & Remote students

Back by popular demand is school spirit wear.


*deadline is November 5th

Reminder--second order of gym uniforms are in the main office. Please call to set up a pickup time!

Advisory--Remote Learners

All students are required to attend this class. Attendance will be taken each class period. I hope you have gotten a chance to look at the planning sheet (has current grades on it). It was sent to you by your child and is updated weekly. If you have not, please have a discussion with your child at home and reach out to the grade level administrator if you have any additional questions.

We had shown our students two very important videos this past week in advisory class. These videos discussed policies and procedures for the "new normal" at school. We will be posting these videos on our school website so the students and parents can view it again at their pleasure. We highly suggest all students watch these videos before they return back to school next week.

Nurse's Corner

Information on Chester County Flu Clinics