Cliffwood Staff Friday Focus 10/14

Keep working hard...and never stop growing!

Mark's weekly message

By now, you're learning that I love quotes. Please check the one below. I like this one because I connect it to trying new strategies here at school. Sometimes we tell ourselves "this (insert new strategy, initiative, etc. here) won't work" before we even try something at all. Other times we say, "I'm not good at that" and give up before we've started. But you shouldn't be afraid to try something new! Already this year, several staff right here at Cliffwood have already tried new things and are having success. Others might try something new for a while and not have great success. They may make changes for next time and that's fine too! But you never know until you try. Don't be scared to attempt new class activities, change behavioral approaches, try different types of homework, get help with using technology, and more! Explore, take chances, and then evaluate what worked well and what didn't. Never stop growing! Thanks for your continued hard work and have a great weekend,


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PD survey for Special Ed. teachers

Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Lazur have asked for all Special Ed. teachers to complete a survey about the 10/10 workshop. Special Ed. teachers only, please click the link below to access the survey.

SGOs and PDPs update

As you know, SGOs and PDPs must be submitted by the end of Wednesday, 10/19. We are still using Realtime for all PDPs but we are using Google Classroom for submitting SGO forms 1 and 2 and also the preparedness groups spreadsheet. All staff who must submit SGOs were invited to join my Google Classroom and 41 staff have already started work at these Google Docs; if you haven't joined yet, please do so ASAP. Also, I did post an announcement to the classroom's stream about a simple formatting issue so please see that. You do not need to print; we will handle that in the office and then ask you to sign. Thanks for your patience with this task and please let me know if any problems.

Added STAR window for new students only

Several teachers have asked for a way to give the STAR tests to newly enrolled students (after our 9/23 window closed). To accomplish this, I've created a new testing window for 1 week (10/14 to 10/21). If you'd like to use this time to get some baseline data for your newest learners, please feel free. Please let me know if any problems.

Math benchmark and DRA scores must be entered into Realtime

Please remember that all benchmark and DRA scores must be entered into Realtime. The instructions are linked below. We have to the end of Friday, 10/28 to complete all DRAs.

Meetings & events scheduled for the upcoming week

Monday, 10/17
  • Literacy coach L. Berman at CL.
  • Handle with Care training for approved staff.

Tuesday, 10/18

  • PTO book fair starts (10/18, 19, 20 make-ups).
  • Literacy coach L. Berman at CL.
  • National school safety workshop for approved staff.
  • Mad Science program starts.

Wednesday, 10/19

  • Literacy coach L. Berman at CL.
  • PTO school store (10/19, 20)
  • Tombstone recycling activity in Friendship Garden 6 p.m.
  • Star students and PTO meeting 7 p.m.

Thursday, 10/20

  • Schillinger training for grade 2
  • Garden Club making scarecrows
Friday, 10/21
  • Schillinger training for grade 3