New Year, Same Jefferson

What you need to know!

Welcome Back!

First off, welcome back! I hope all of you have settled in well and have gotten back in the swing of things with your classes and all other activities. I will be putting up new doortags within the next week or so! Thank you to everyone who has written on the new bulletin board by the elevator (even if it was funny). I appreciate the effort and involvement.

Room Verification

I need ALL resident's signatures by Monday verifying that you are in the correct room/still living in the building. I will be coming around getting signatures Friday between 1-2pm. If you will not be in your room at that time, please come by my room between 2-4pm. If neither of those times work, please email me to set up a different time this weekend. I need them before Monday!

Upcoming Program!

Our area wide program is still in the works, but we are thinking about something involving fire (and smores and hot dogs...) Stay tuned! The tentative date and time is Thursday, Feb. 5th at 8pm.

Our building wide program is also still in the works but I will let you know when I have it figured out.