Updates for Fri.

Slight change of plans, as things have changed.

All Speech classes

Because I gave a syllabus overview and did a pairing non-verbal activity, it took time out of the students' work on their Coats of Arms. Therefore, they will finish them by the end of the period Friday. Monday we will conduct interviews and present. If a student wants to bring the C of A home to finish it, s/he MUST remember to bring it back on Mon.

Offer word searches if anyone is done-or they may work on homework from another class.


Creative Communications


Same as on lesson plans. You may start by showing them a random story or two from the featured storytellers in The Moth link on front computer. Remind them to bring in their $5.

Then go down to stage/rehearse Generic Scenes and perform one by one.

Creative Communications

Continue with "Grandma Josephine's Crabapple Cookies. They already have assigned partners. Rehearse for 15 minutes or so. Share the talking. Must be at least 1 min. total but may be more. Present.

After --may continue working on B&W Name Design or play "Indian Chief" in foyer (alcove past Mr. Somosa's room.)

Thanks, and have a good day.