My Family Tradition

Brooklyn Rhyne


One tradition that my biological father created was that every year him and his family would send me 5 violets and a birthday balloon to the school on my birthday, one from each of them. The card always said "Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Love, DTACC" (Dad, Tiffany, Ashley, Colton, Canyon) Since they live in Atchison, KS its hard for me to see them.


I love this tradition because it makes me feel loved by them. It makes things easier because I never get to see them and it makes me feel really good.


I would keep this tradition for my kids because I want them to know that I love them and do care about them even if they live with me.

My New Tradition


My tradition that I would like to start would be that every year my children would get a birthday gift like flowers, balloons, a cute note or something like that sent to them at school for them to get on their birthday and then to take them out to dinner (their choice) for their birthday.


I want to have this tradition because my father sent me gifts at school and it made me feel good even though I could not see him. And a birthday dinner because I have always wanted to do that with my family but never got to do so. I just want my children to feel loved.