Hamilton Boys' High School - Term 2, Edition 3, May 2021

Argyle House accepts 38 Year 9 boarders for 2022

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Nikau Montier (Year 8), from Ohinewai, stands proudly with an original prop he used in his 3-minute presentation at the beginning of his successful interview with Headmaster, Mrs Hassall and Head of Boarding, Mr McKenzie, on Monday 10th May, in the Headmaster's office. Nikau attended the interview with his whanau and was informed on Friday 14th May he is one of 38 successful Year 9 boarders accepted into Argyle House for the start of 2022.

Set Leave, Junior Exams, Year 9 2022

Kia ora koutou

I would like to begin by thanking all parents and caregivers who attended the 'Meet and Greet' evening at The Roaming Giant Bar and Restaurant on Friday evening 21st May. To those that attended, it was an excellent opportunity to meet other parents, caregivers, Board of Trustees members and hostel staff, in an informal setting over a couple of hours.

I would like to thank one of our two Hostel Parent Representatives, Mrs Diana O'Brien, who addressed all those in attendance around her role and life as a parent with a son in the boarding house.

Another parent evening will be scheduled for late in term 3, to enable our first time and new boarding families to attend.


Commence on Monday 31st May and conclude on Friday 4th June for all Years 9 and 10 students. There are no exams on Wednesday 2nd June due to the Auckland Grammar School Sports Exchange, in Auckland.


38 families have received acceptance letters for Year 9 places in 2022, with a further 18 on our waiting list. The calibre of applicant was extremely high this year, which bodes well for next year.


The second Set Leave for Term 2 is over Queen's Birthday Weekend (Week 5). Argyle and Grove will close at 5.30pm on Friday 4th June and re-open on Monday 7th June at 5.30pm.

Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have a concern or want to discuss any matters relating to boarding life.

Ngaa mihi

Murray McKenzie

Head of Boarding

021 516 477

Junior Exams, Week 5 Term 2

Junior Exams are scheduled to begin on Monday 31st May and continue on Tuesday 1st June, Thursday 3rd and conclude on Friday 4th June.

Dean of Boarding, Mr Fraser Kilgour, ensured all Year 9 boarders attended a lunchtime Study Skills session on Wednesday 26th May in the Senior Study Centre, that was run by the Hamilton BHS Prefects on the Academic Committee. The feedback from our boys was very positive, as it gave them numerous tips to aid them in preparing for their exams on Monday.

Exam Schedule:

Monday 31st May: Year 9 Social Studies, Year 10 English

Tuesday 1st June: Year 9 Science, Year 10 Mathematics, Year 10 Option Line 1

Thursday 3rd June: Year 10 Science, Year 9 English, Year 10 Option Line 6

Friday 4th June: Year 9 Mathematics, Year 10 Social Studies

All examinations are for one hour.

Examinations will be held in the students’ normal classroom for that period.

There are no Year 9 option subject examinations.

Students sitting period one examinations should go to the examination room at 8.45

and do not attend Tutor Group.

Year 10 ALP classes studying for NCEA will not have examinations during this time.

They will have classes as normal.

New Boarder

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We welcomed Hirini Waitai (Year 10), to the Argyle whanau on Monday 17th May. Hirini's home town is Awanui, Northland.

Year 12 Dorm Leaders, Term 2

Dorm 1 (Year 11s)

Dorm 2 (Year 10s)

Dorm 3 (Year 9s)

Dorm 4 (Years 9 & 10)

Blood Drive, Friday 28th May

The Blood Drive took place in the Hamilton BHS Hall on Friday 28th May with many donors coming from Argyle House. Each one of our donors will generate blood products that will be used to save on average three lives. The Service Committee, led by Argyle House Head Prefect, Thomas Hayward, is delighted to report that they have exceeded their target of 50 donors.
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Argyle House members of the Hamilton BHS Service Committee, L-R, Thomas Hayward (Year 13, Head Prefect of Argyle House, Deputy Head Prefect of Hamilton BHS and Service Committee Leader), Keegan Caines (Year 13, Head of Grove, Hamilton BHS Prefect).
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Thomas Marchant, Year 13 Lion Mentor (left), assisting with preparation.
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Year 12 Argyle House boarders, L-R, about to donate blood: Hoani Ham, Jamie Zyza, Makotahi Rameka.
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Kieran Draper, Year 13 Lion Mentor (seated), part of the organising team on the day.

Saturday Field Setup Team, Winter Sports Season

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Japanese students boarding at Argyle House, left to right, Kotaro Fujimoto (Year 11), Daisuke Shirai (Year 13) and Haruto Shimojo (Year 12), learn how to ride the school's quad bike by Groundsman, Mr Mike Retter.

Kotaro, Daisuke and Haruto have kindly volunteered to set up the football and rugby fields on-site at Hamilton BHS on a Saturday morning throughout the winter sports season.

Sonninghill Hostel Shared Dinner, Wednesday 12th May

All Argyle Years 10 and 11 bussed to Sonninghill Hostel for dinner, while all Years 9 and 12 girls had dinner at Argyle House. Year 13 students from both hostels were divided evenly. The evening was very enjoyable with all students engaged. The dinner concluded with a general knowledge quiz.

Thanks to our senior leaders and Prefects who made the evening enjoyable for everyone due to their organisation and planning.

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House Cross Country Championships, Tuesday 11th May: Argyle House CHAMPIONS

Argyle House won the Hamilton BHS Cross Country overall by the smallest of margins. There was only 5 points separating Argyle and Tait, once all championship and non-championship points were tallied up. Argyle House attained a total of 1423 points, with Tait second on 1418.

Top 10 places in the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Individual Championship races were:


Thomas Marchant (Year 13), 2nd Place, earning 99 points towards the Argyle total.

Gus Nelson (Year 13), 3rd Place, earning, earning 98 points towards the Argyle total.


Quinn Boyle (Year 11), 5th Place, earning 96 points towards the Argyle total.


Jesse Humberstone-Kara (Year 10), 5th Place, earning 96 points towards the Argyle total.

Jack Ramsey (Year 9), 6th Place, earning 95 points towards the Argyle total.

Winning the school Cross Country event overall is a tremendous feat. All Argyle House students can be pleased with this result as we have significantly smaller numbers to try and earn non-championship points. It gave us 6 valuable points in the House competition. See results attached below.

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Thomas Marchant (Year 13), on his way to second place in the Senior Championship, 6km race.
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Gus Nelson (Year 13), on his way to third place in the Senior Championship, 6km race.
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George Unsworth (Year 12), in the Senior Championship, 6km race.
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Thomas Marchant (Year 13), on his way to the finish line, with Gus Nelson (Year 13), close behind.
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Kieran Draper (Year 13), in the Senior Championship, 6km race.
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The Argyle House Year 9s at the start line for the Year 9 Non-Championship race. Completing the 3km course in under 15 minutes gave each runner one point towards the House total.
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The Year 9 Non-Championship race gets underway with Hamish Fulton out in front with Kian Tapper, Conor Reeves and Luca Parrott enjoying the occasion!
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Justyce Waea-Allan (left) and Liam Van Der Heyden on their second lap of the Year 9 Non-Championship, 3km race.
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Aaron Dingle (Year 9)
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Lexis Marsh (Year 9)
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Bradley Jose (Year 9) and Haylow Paraha-Senior (Year 9, far left), on their second lap of the front field.
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Luca Parrott and Alexander Brown (far right) battle it out to the finish line, with Kian Tapper (left) not that far behind, in the Year 9 Non-Championship race.
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Luca pips Alex on the line!

Matthew Allen Cup Volleyball, Tuesday 11th May, Gym 1: Sutherland House Wins 3-2

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Year 9s: Sutherland 11, Bennett 16
Year 10s: Sutherland 13, Bennett 7
Year 11s: Sutherland 14, Bennett 7
Year 12s: Sutherland 14, Bennett 11
Year 13s: Sutherland 8, Bennett 15

Overall: Sutherland win MA Cup Volleyball 3-2

House Volleyball: Argyle House, 3rd-Equal Place Overall

Argyle House finished 3rd-equal overall, with the Junior team placing 3rd and the Senior team placing 4th.

Matthew Allen Cup Tug-O-War, Tuesday 25th May, Gym 1: Sutherland House Wins 3-2

Year 9 winner - Bennett
Year 10 winner - Sutherland
Year 11 winner - Sutherland
Year 12 winner - Bennett
Year 13 winner - Sutherland
Overall: Sutherland won 3-2

Overall points:
Keran van Staden's Sutherland House lead the Matthew Allen Cup competition by 11 points to George Reeves' Bennett House, 11-7

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Keran Van Staden (Head of Sutherland), holds the 'Lake Shield' aloft, as Sutherland House win the Matthew Allen Tug-O-War by 3 - 2.

House Tug-O-War: Argyle House, 3rd Place Overall. Junior Tug-O-War team, House CHAMPIONS

Argyle House finished in 3rd place overall, after our 10-man senior team placed 4th on Wednesday 26th May and our juniors placed 1st on Friday 28th May. See results below.
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Senior Argyle House team in action, with Tahlor Cahill (Year 13) anchoring the team.
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Junior Argyle House team in action, with Wyntah Whitiora (Year 9) anchoring the team, that went through their round-robin competition undefeated on Friday 28th May.

School House Competition, Argyle House currently in 2nd place overall

House Competition Standings after 8 events:

1st place, WILSON, 45pts

2nd place, ARGYLE, 38.5pts

3rd place, TAIT, 35.5pts

4th place, STEEL, 30.5pts

5th place, TAYLOR, 30.5pts

6th place, BAIGENT, 30pts

Remaining Term 2 Events are:

Week 5: General Knowledge

  • Juniors, Monday 31st May: 6-Man Team, 12.30pm, Pavilion
  • Seniors, Tuesday 1st June: 6-Man Team, 12.30pm, Pavilion

Week 9: Basketball

'Boardingware' is re-branding and changing it's name to 'Orah' on July 1st 2021

Fundamentally there is no real change, other than the brand name. However, please click on the link below to understand their vision and rationale moving forward.

More details on what this means for you can be found here.

Hockey 1st XI vs St Paul's Collegiate, Wednesday 26th May for the Matthew Allen Cup

All Argyle House Years 12, 13 and Years 9-11 hockey players were bussed down to the 'Gallagher Turf' on Wednesday evening 26th May to support our 1st XI Hockey team. We got to witness six boarders from Argyle House in action as they came from 1-0 down to win 3-1, after goals by team captain, Thomas Marchant (Year 13) and Ethan Barton (Year 13, Deputy Head Prefect). Other boarders in the team that played were Gus Nelson (Year 13), Sam Boros (Year 13, Deputy Head Prefect), Ryan McConnell (Year 12) and Blake Irwin (Year 11).

Every year we bus our boys down to support the HBHS 1st XI Hockey team in this annual fixture, as the Matthew Allen Cup is played in memory of Matthew Allen who was a Year 11 boarder at Argyle House and member of the Hamilton BHS 1st XI Hockey team, who was tragically killed in a car accident in October 1998.

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Waikato Secondary Schools' Waterpolo Champions

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Brothers Dylan McConnell (Year 10) and Ryan McConnell (Year 12) were members of the HBHS Black team that won their Waikato Secondary Schools' final 13 - 12 vs HBHS Red.

2021 Argyle Manual, 2021 Grove Manual & 2021 Term Planner with Key Dates

The 2021 Grove Manual and 2021 Argyle House Manual, along with the 2021 Term Planner with all key hostel dates, have now been placed online, at the bottom of the 'Boarding' page on the school's website: No hardcopies will be posted out.

I have attached these 3 documents below. Click to view and/or download and print.

Hamilton BHS Information Evening and Open Day

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'Man of the Week' Award

The boys named and photographed below were awarded 'Man Of The Week' for doing something extraordinary during the week, that warranted recognition in front of their peers. They each receive a certificate and a $5 canteen voucher, presented at our weekly house meeting by a Deputy Head Prefect.

Week 2 Term 2: Oli Mathis (Year 11)

Debuted for the Rugby 1st XV on Saturday vs St Paul’s Collegiate and scored a quality try.
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Week 3 Term 2: Thomas Marchant (Year 13)

2nd place in the HBHS Senior Cross Country championship 6km race, earning 99pts for Argyle House.
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Week 4 Term 2: Matthew Riley (Year 10)

2nd place overall in the Thames Secondary Schools' Clay Target Shooting regional competition. 3rd Place overall in the junior division at the Taupo shoot with 91/100 targets hit.
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School Links Emails to Parents/Caregivers from School:

HBHS Board of Trustees - Casual Vacancy for a Parent Representative

Dear Parents/Caregivers

A casual vacancy has occurred on the school board for an elected parent representative.

The board has decided to fill the vacancy by selection.

If 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.

Request for a by-election should be sent to:

Rachael Aitchison (chair)
Hamilton Boys’ High School Board
Private Bag 3201
Hamilton 3240

by: June 24, 2021

Kristin Rillstone
Board of Trustees Secretary

This email was sent: 12:39pm Thursday May 27, 2021

Unnamed property

Dear Parents/Caregivers

A reminder to please name your son/s' clothing so it can be returned to him if misplaced.

Labels can be purchased from the two label companies below, for iron-on or stitch labels:

1. Logo Express, Centreplace ph 838 3688
2. for online ordering

This email was sent: 2:06pm Friday May 21, 2021

HBHS Communication Survey

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As a school, we are reviewing how we communicate with our families for school updates, notifications, and alerts.

We would like to know what your preference is. Please take 20 seconds to click on the link to the google form below and answer one question regarding how we communicate with you.

Survey Link

This email was sent: 11:10am Wednesday May 19, 2021



2021- 2022


Hamilton Boys High School has one of the best rowing programmes in New Zealand.

For new boys and their parents, the prospect of rowing is an adventure into the unknown.

Rowing is a summer sport with full training and competition commencing in October and ending in March.

Over the next few weeks the new rowers and coxswains will trial on Friday at 7.30am in the school gym beginning on Friday 14 May, for year 10 & 11 and Friday 21 for Year 9.

After this, everyone will continue each Friday, until Friday, June 4 when a preliminary squad will be selected.

At these sessions, the boys will complete some tests, will learn rowing technique on the ergs and begin some basic conditioning as part of the trial process.

We will announce a final squad of new rowers and coxswains on Friday, July 3.

Then there will be a meeting of new parents in the School Staffroom at 6.00pm on Wednesday, July 7.

At this meeting details of the commitments ahead will be outlined and a “Learn to Row’ camp will be held at Lake Maraetai, Mangakino from Monday, July 19 to Friday, July 23.

Click here to view our HBHS Rowing video

Please do not hesitate to email me at if you have any questions.

Please note that this program is designed to prepare our new rowers and coxswains slowly and without too much pressure and it will not interfere with current winter activities.

Kindest Regards
Glenn Ross
Director of Rowing

This email was sent: 3:22pm Wednesday May 12, 2021

Study Smarter Workshop

Study Smarter Student Workshop - Monday 12th July

Presenter: Karen Boyes – Study Skills Expert

Venue: Hamilton Boys’ High School Study Centre Time: 9am to 3pm

Dear Parent/Caregiver

Students from the Hamilton area are warmly invited to attend the Study Smarter Workshop on the first Monday of the upcoming school holidays. The presenter, Karen Boyes is described as Australasia’s “Mrs Education.” An expert in effective teaching, learning and living, Karen turns her research into practical and simple-to-use techniques that create success. Her workshops at Hamilton Boys’ have proven to be immensely popular in previous years, with attendees learning some excellent strategies for studying and preparing for examinations.

As the Founder of Spectrum Education, an author, publisher of the Teachers Matter Magazine and an Associate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind, Karen is an expert of teaching and learning throughout the world. A dynamic presenter, she inspires teachers and students globally.

Students will learn the powerful strategies that make a difference to their study. Through the use of simple, easy to apply and yet practical ideas, students can boost their own performance and exam results.

Please see attachment for more information and registration details.

This email was sent: 8:02am Wednesday May 12, 2021

Hamilton Boys' High School has attached a .pdf file to this email:


Our two Argyle House Parent Representatives for you to contact about any hostel matters

Mrs Diana O'Brien (Bombay)

Feel free to contact me by email

Mob. 027 277 1685

Mr Alastair Reeves (Te Akau)

Feel free to contact me by email

Ph. 07 825 4925

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