ATC Principal's Newsletter

June 2017

Important Upcoming Dates

June 5th - Grade 5 Field Trip (Houstle, Dempsey)

June 6th - Grade 5 Field Trip (Dykens, Burt, 1/2 of Mauro)

June 6th - Band Concert 6PM

June 7th - Grade 5 Field Trip (Mastrangelo, Toombs, 1/2 of Mauro)

June 7th - PTO Meeting 6:30PM

June 8th - Step Up Day (Incoming Grade 3)

June 8th - Parent information Night (Incoming Grade 3 Parents) 6PM

June 9th - Music Concerts (Parents Invited) Gr 3@8:45AM, Gr4@9:30AM, Gr5@10:15AM

June 13th - Field Day Gr3@9AM, Gr4@10:40AM, Gr5@12:10PM

June 14th - Rain Date for Field Day

June 14th - Fifth grade visits Middle School

June 16th - Fifth Grade Moving on Ceremony at Winthrop Middle / High School Auditorium (Parents Invited) 8:45AM Coffee w / ceremony following.

June 20th - Last Day of School 12PM early release, Report Cards Issued

Winthrop Awarded $30,000 in grant funding!

With the help of Mrs. Pearson at the Fort Banks and Mr. Curley at the middle school, we were able to write a successful grant proposal to provide our teachers with extensive training over the summer to increase our understanding of the English Language Arts, Science, and Mathematics standards. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education awarded Winthrop Public Schools $30,000 in competitive grant funding to train our teachers and enhance our comprehensive curriculum documents for each subject area. We are very excited for the work ahead!

School Pride Night Success!

We owe our families and especially our PTO a big thank you for coming out in droves for our annual School Pride Night event. Our Variety Show was sold out with over 400 people in attendance and fifteen acts performing. All proceeds from the event went directly to fund class field trips!

Below: Here are a few great pictures from the night. The first showcases our teamwork philosophy, the second highlights Trevor from fifth grade giving us a martial arts demonstration, and finally a wonderful photo of our school's International Club and their trifolds!

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Spectacle Island Field Trips

Students in grades 3 and 5 were able to take field trips to Spectacle Island via the Winthrop Ferry. These field trips were funded by the PTO and with proceeds from School Pride Night. Students that have completed the trip have reported they had a great time and would like to do this again in the future. A big thank you to the chaperones helping out on these voyages!
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Writers' Workshop Publishing Parties

One vital component to a successful Writers' Workshop model is providing opportunities for students to share and publish their writing to a real audience. This past week, students in grade four had an excellent opportunity to do this with a captive third grade audience. Each homeroom in grade four was assigned to a third grade classroom and rotated through the class sharing their writing. Some classes created Storyboard animations on Chromebooks to accompany their realistic fiction pieces.

Below: Sisters Kristin (grade 4) and Mackenzie (grade 3) had a chance to share their writing!

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Chess Club Championship

Thirty-two students competed in the 1st Annual ATC Chess Club tournament. Hadrian Callis was designated as school champion with Jack Osburn a close second place! A big thank you to parent volunteers and Mr. Osburn for organizing the chess club this year.

School Improvement Plan 2017-18

The ATC Site Council met and approved our school improvement plan for the 2017-18 School Year. Thank you to all the parents that replied to our survey; this data, along with feedback from teachers and students, was used to drive our goals for next year. You can read our improvement plan HERE that may be tweaked to fit district needs after it is shared with the Winthrop School Committee.

Fifth Grade Panoramic

We were finally able to sneak in our fifth grade panoramic photo. With the high number of rainy days, it has been a challenge! The students were great and had some fun at the end... A much higher quality version of the picture below will be delivered to the school prior to the end of the year and distributed to students.
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