Who Was Theodore roosevelt

When and where was theodore roosevelt born

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27,1856 in New York City

How long was theodore roosevelt governor of new york

Theodore Roosevelt was governor of new York for two years,after that he became vice president

What did theodore roosevelt’s express as his foreign policy as

Theodore Roosevelt expressed after the African saying “speak softly carry a big stick ,and you will go far”

When did theodore roosevelt became president

Theodore Roosevelt became president in 1901 after president McKinley was assassinated

What political party was Theodore Roosevelt apart of when he ran for president

Theodore Roosevelt ran with the republican his first two terms after he quit for four years he ran again even do he said he wouldn't. he ran with the bull moose party and lost

how many times was Theodore Roosevelt married

he was married twice to a women named alice who passed away giving birth. then he married edith and had the rest of his children with her