The Whipping boy


Personal Reflection

One of the things that I hold dearly is my fuzzy blue blanket because I have had it since I was five years old. I take it everywhere. it is a really good memory of my trip to Florida, all of my sleepovers and tons more.I keep it on my bed and sleep with it every night.

Disney Magic Kingdom Ride

My ride is where you are in the story with Prince Brat and Jemmy as a prince/ princess and you have to design a cart to run away from Hold-Your-Nose-Billy and Cutwater, then you you get to ride in the cart. if you get caught, you have to go back to the beginning and make a new cart. You get three tries then you are out of the ride. If you do make it to the finish line, you go meet Capt. Harry Nips and you have to get all of the potatoes from the kettle into the bucket before Cutwater and Hold-Your-Nose-Billy can. Again, you get three tries then you are out of the ride. If you get there before the cutthroats and run to the sewers before the cutthroats. Once again, three tries and your out. Once you get to the end, you need to get to the castle without letting Jemmy be caught. Once you get there, you are given a ten dollar gift card for the Disney store. This ride is located on the Tom Sawyer island.
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